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Re: Another con

Posted by Farmer on August 07, 2008 at 17:02:08

In Reply to: Re: Another con posted by This is what I mean on August 06, 2008 at 21:55:50:

Ok...I am pleased to see/read, that you put more meat/beef to your post, so that I can understand, where I must have misunderstood you...

I don't intend to get to deep into logic & semantics here, but it does intrigue me to understand the difference - the way you seem to want to put it - between a planned retirement and one of these "normal" you have been too longer in TF - didn't mean to put your experience down, but your (few) words and your "unusual/uncommon" handle (for me) here, were making it difficult to put you in the right box
(outsider was another possibility, which crossed my mind) - I think you have seen plenty of defections or heard about them...may be mostly little people?

How much does one plan that?In mind as a minimum,
sure,some time before for other plans?? (physical preps.??)...well, I had been with someone, who "disappeared" while big problem at that time.With bigger leaders it may be takes some time more to sort things out...if I think of James & what he wrote.

And what is a planned retirement...never heard of such a thing??Do you mean Sue's plans were a fantastic sort of retirement?Didn't really think she was too "victorious"?I mean Berg "passed away" while in TF...all he had to do is "opening his big mouth" and some idiot of us fed him for the rubbish he published. With the tithe system they could afford at least to feed some loosers like him...but the rest of WS?...they always claimed they had only emergency funds for a few month in case of a wind down.So what retirement-infos have you got?...anyway the mood on about the news are pretty much also my moods/thoughts...

I think M. left by foot TF, but with his heart & mind he's still a bit tangled up in the whole...but as TF doesn't like half hearted people it would have been difficult for him "at the top" (which is really at the bottom...stenchwise etc.)...I think there are plenty quotes, which would support my stance, that a real (idiotic) soldier of Davids band/army endures the battle right to the end...I mean, they don't have the luxury-retirement plans of the big you think it to be that way?

As far as my Engl...well I keep reading other interesting stuff on other websides & therewith
try to improve generally in knowledge...but here I use you guys as my guinea (sp.? too lazy to look it up) pigs...pardon me