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Re: Can someone see if this is affiliated with Family?

Posted by Farmer on August 11, 2008 at 22:30:29

In Reply to: Re: Can someone see if this is affiliated with Family? posted by Tai Fu on August 11, 2008 at 00:03:00:

Good, that you inquire...I just took only roughly ten minutes to look at their website & my take is, that it should/could be TF-related for the following reasons:

1. invitation by flyers...though others do that as well...

2. People all in smiles mostly...which was always the best asset in some ways.

3. Biggest point: the quotes from basic founder letters (Berg...Moses David...Mo)
The one about shyness definetely and most of all the one about being mountain men, belonging to the mountain or the of the very first Mo-letters
the part about forgiveness is really not so unique

4. last not least, some bait, practicing English.

Hope this is a help...I am not at all familiar with Taiwan from Germany myself...
may be you like to confront them & see, if they remain still all smiles ; ) if you'd ask them directly

As young as they are, they might not be familiar with much of their past...or born into it???SGAs or newly joined??The "funny" thing is they are more smiles than many of the caucasion TF-youth I have seen on some of their pics...whatever...I hope everything will turn ok over there!!Best wishes & prayers...