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Yes I can!

Posted by Swede2 on August 12, 2008 at 14:33:51

In Reply to: Re: Can someone see if this is affiliated with Family? posted by Tai Fu on August 11, 2008 at 00:03:00:

"Activated Magazine" is certified Family product!

The Family always will use same language and parrot the sentences in their writings. Here are these Mo quotes or paraphrases.
"having Jesus in your heart"
"You are what You Watch!" (use for the controll of your choices and if you agree then they controll your mind)
"Feelings can be deceiving" (don't trust your feelings, also use for controll!)
" look to Him and His Word and not to your feelings for happiness!" (also use for mind controll)
"GIVE LOVE to others and you will receive love in return." (teach you to not look after youself)
"Are you strong enough to forgive?" (may be Not a quote exact, but the same idea always preached by them)
"share love with others!"
"the secret of true joy" (they believe they have all the answers)
"kept in moderation!" (controll again!)
"Love is the most important thing"
"something that I need to pray against" (typical Family talk, people normally pray for, but they pray aagainst)
"ARE YOU A MOUNTAIN MAN? OR DO YOU LIVE IN THE VALLEY? The mountain men do what no one else does, or dares to do! The people in the valley are just happy the way things are. Dare to live on the mountain and you will find the joy of living in eternity, where Godís ways of love, caring, and joy wash away the valley way of selfishness, pride, and sadness."

"Shyness is thinking too much about our selves, and not thinking enough about others" (their psychology theory!)
"humility to reach out" (always talking against pride, shyness they say comes from the pride)
"Holy Spirit can fill you with love for others so that you can forget about yourself!" (So if you have Holy Spirit you have no self? MIND CONTROLL!!!)

Listen to them and you will Loose your self, yuor identity, become something easy to control. They will eat your soul in little pieces, take you life away. BEWARE!