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Re: TF cult's future?

Posted by Farmer on August 16, 2008 at 18:58:53

In Reply to: Re: TF cult's future? posted by Seer Suckers on August 16, 2008 at 16:12:45:

I think there are plenty of good websites & books about the "mechanics"/mechanisms of deception, also or rather from a healthy (with emphasis) Christian point of view...In short I think we can learn sooner or later to stay away from individuals or groups who demand the wrong thing from us, where we sense/feel, this is not the right kind of edifying love...where it hurts me or people close to me or innocent outsiders.It starts with the teachings & when something is off (with some sinister, crafty, clever, slimy teaching hard to discern at times, we know) should be avoided like a plague.

Now that the poor children were so loyal unto death to their father in terms of suicide (?---rather thrown out of the window?!)/murder...without a scream/a yelling, is shocking....but that's the problem with very big & deep deception...sad as it is.Leaders are in it either for fame/name/pride recognition or money/welath or rather all of it...someone/mortal man being G-d...this is a bit much for me...sorry...
I could hardly believemy eyes reading that!

TFers are plenty deceived...they hurt others, outsiders & insiders to various degrees.I guess they are calloused & don't realise the pain of others much at all & regarding their own...they want to swallow & master it in order to have some more brownie points "up" somewhere...when they definetely broke t h e law of love too many times,
so I don't know what reward they think of...being that bad of a sample...

One leader is already gone (Berg) despite hurting/missing his own forecast/"prophecy"...1994 (death)...the stuff with the endtime-witnesses/leaders is also muddled now...great...the dumb still now any dumb leader could lead those dumb ones...but into what exactly...who knows?

I hope & pray, nobody feels like jumping of some cliff.