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Re: What's the point?

Posted by Activist on August 21, 2008 at 18:45:20

In Reply to: Re: What's the point? posted by Beijing Man on August 21, 2008 at 18:22:09:

Sorry, I don't consider my post political. I also see many posts about things unrelated to TF here, such as those about cancer or life in India. And there are many other political posts here, so maybe something has changed with the rules.

In case the rules about politics haven't changed, I realize I may be triggering replies which are political in nature. And I don't know if such replies will cross some invisible line and get deleted, but I want to address your points.

I am not singling out China. You have no idea what I do or don't do, what other things I might be involved in, so please don't try to insult me with the term "armchair activism."

You are right about the US too, but whether they are worse is arguable as you put it. The US doesn't have forced abortions and sterilization on undesired peoples in order to enlarge the Han Chinese population. They don't deny children the right to attend school because their parents changed counties. They don't use convicts for the export of live organs. They haven't committed silent genocides wich killed millions of their own people.