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Human rights vs. civil rights

Posted by Activist on August 22, 2008 at 08:27:41

In Reply to: Re: Repeating myself posted by Between Lines on August 21, 2008 at 23:16:11:

As an old hand at caring way too much about the wrong things I can understand how you might need to lay off of activism. I had to do the same for myself.

About my posts being political, yes and no, I don't really agree. The line is thin, but there is a difference between discussing civil rights and human rights. To me, politics is something that can take place only after human rights have been established. Then you can talk civil rights, have a debate of ideas, left against right, democrat against republican, discuss competing strategies for the betterment of the poor. China has one-party rule, no human rights, no freedom of speech so that civil rights or politics can even be discussed reasonably.

I realize that everything I just said is also debatable, that it also can be seen as left vs. right on a global scale. But I don't see China as left. It is a state-run capitalist nation in disguise. And it's not that I think western democratic ideals should be imposed on China, but right now as one of the most powerful nations moving into our immediate future, we all have reason to be concerned. In the west, as many hurdles and hoops you have to jump through, you can actually take your own government to court for breaking the rules on established human rights and civil rights. Not the case in China.

Your guesses about who I am may be closer on the mark than you know. I have personal reasons for saying "never again." Where you are wrong is I don't hate China. I do my best not to hate anyone, even my enemies, because that is a drain of my energy.