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Re: Some thots

Posted by Farmer on August 24, 2008 at 06:59:13

In Reply to: Re: Some thots posted by Thinker on August 23, 2008 at 21:34:45:

Well, I am shocked to see, that I am getting this old in memory & mind, that I totally forgot the death to the cities stuff Berg preached & all the rest of heavenly homes...thanks for reminding me ; )...but seriously, I didn't have that in mind...may be I should have said/argued, the "city-spirit", which could just be the same in a's the self-sufficiency man is dreaming about.After all in my youth I also looked heavily for some political utopia & thought, it must have remotely something to do with "hippiism/ & let live...sharing & all the rest.I had no idea what really spoils that "paradise".It was a time, where I looked quite mildly on the mistakes of others & most of all on my own...I thought, I didn't have too many "sins"...pls. allow that terminology.

The farmer Cain killed his own I am not talking about the good country-folks vs. the bad city-folks...

But frankly I am not convinced, that the city-folks consume so little, if you fracture it all up
per inhabitant.The best ratio I think you get energy-wise if you use the byproducts heat etc of your close to nature productionline & therewith learn to complete a cycle, which just happens to be there, unless you learn to tame "the forces" &
make progress in terms of energywinning through fusion.My bet is, if energy would be that "cheap" & easy through knowledge, then people would become quite lazy & the ones who control that knowledge, incredibly rich.It's a matter of who you are within, not necessarily where you live...

But I' d say pretty much at the bottomline is this drive for independence & selfsufficiency and this can all do attitude/ limits...always in the competition to be in some field(s) better than my neighbour....I know we preached this in TF about pride being at the root of all evil, however I don't know of any other "better truth"...

So my point was not, that city folks are always prouder than the country-folks.If I consider my own life, then I have grown tired of the mega-blobs...the cities with millions of inhabitants.I am tired of their madrush, where it takes you miles to see the country-side & where you know for sure, that a bread doesn't originate in a shop.

I feel better this way, but I didn't plan all kind of happened in the aftermath of TF.