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Re: I don't understand

Posted by Reader on September 04, 2008 at 11:51:34

In Reply to: Re: I don't understand posted by Coordinator on September 04, 2008 at 06:02:41:

I just disliked the way he did his approach up here as wanting to say: 'Us at on our Board are perfect and really have it and and other boards aren't at our level of conversation as 'simple' people write here and talk about 'simple' subjects but us guys don't.'

Didn't you find some kind of usual pride here from that individual in particular as what's so well done from his part he says in his only mind isn't done elsewhere as nicely as thinking they are the best and that everyone existing should be like he is or they are? Wherever level of consciousness that guy thinks he has?

Isn't he trying imposing his law as always just by fear to not be able to handle any little opposition to anything they say from normal sane people we are just not agreeing with him or them? I'm not talking about a board here but about the proud way some think they have it all sometimes and try to tell others what to do when they can just be wrong doing it themselves and not listening at all to what some opposing them have to say?

If you don't answer those questions I won't mind as, as you say, sometimes we prefer to let it pass, turn our backs, and clean the dust off our feet finding other places to chat as here where nobody falls on each one's case so much as if it was a matter of death and life and horrible just to be free to disagree with some staff. I just expressed my opinion, that's all. I need no answer really but will read anything you write me with interest myself, rare thing these days it looks. Having a listening ear towhat others try to tell you from their heart is important and if we don't do it, anything else we do is futile, especially when we want to try to help to heal people who got hurt much by such similar practices where some thought they had it all not even listening to you. If you want to ignore my post, be free to do it and it will disappear down the thread as all, I have nothing against you whoever you are. Thank you!