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Last post-scriptum on that matter

Posted by Reader on September 04, 2008 at 14:05:39

In Reply to: Re: I don't understand posted by Coordinator on September 04, 2008 at 06:02:41:

Let me have the possibility to have the freedom to add these last sentences on this subject Coordinator though. There won&ln;t be any quarrel with anybody from me here as I would not answer any post inviting me to do so. I&ln;m a pacifist and hate quarrel. I'm just fighting for some basic rights here by saying I feel they weren't respecting somewhere else passing by only.

There is always two sides to one coin sir in any matter. People have the right then to express their opinions in a good atmosphere without insulting the other one and you didn't and I didn't either. But if one party concerned always hides and never answers legitimate questions asked to avoid to be taken in fault, it creates some annoying atmosphere which leaves in standby questions not resolved bringing some confusion to those who are hurt and others (!) if no explanation is given towards them by a group or individuals hiding behind some unneeded protection for no reason.

To be a little crude (!) maybe and forgive me here if I might offend one individual saying that or others, I would rather have opposition to my thoughts from somebody who's an ex-memeber than somebody who isn't one in these boards around we know, as no one better than ex-members can feel rightly how it feels not to be heard and understood. Sometimes in our daily lives in our families or at work we have things to fix with others, it's good then to sit down and talk and see what's the problem instead of letting those having some supposed "power" tell one to leave the house or fire him! Not all houses or offices work the same and that's sad.

I just asked the right to express my opinion here without insulting anybody and that doesn't oblige me to be part of any group of people as ex-members or whatever else, that doesn't oblige me to go at any ex-member fellowship or believe in anything said by an ex-member board overseer if I believe he's wrong (I don't say you are here, don't misunderstand me). But I understand your point in avoiding personal quarrels but I hope you respect the fact I expressed my thoughts freely in a few questions not answered again without insulting anyone. I won't try myself to say shouldn't have the right to exist on another board or say this or that, that isn't the way I do things. But if I'm offended somewhere and abased and diminished anywhere I will just talk about it peacefully hoping nobody else will be hurt the same again for no reason!... Thank you!