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political discussion or not ...can be grey

Posted by one of the coordinators on September 06, 2008 at 05:24:41

In Reply to: Re: Argh posted by politico on September 04, 2008 at 13:44:38:

I agree with you, you said: "That is, we have all been negatively affected by TFs ideology, eschatology and conspiracy theories, some more than others, with respect to the U.S., regardless of our countries of origin. Some of us may still retain remnants of that ideology (or even all of it) while others of us may have rejected all of it out of hand. But what we all have in common is trying to make sense of the world without the crutch of Berg's demented ideas. I've always thought that part of this site's purpose was to help us with that process by giving us a sounding board off of which we can bounce our new found ideas. I know that I appreciate discovering in what ways I might still hold unreasonable ideas from Berg's ideology."

Very true. To me it seems that sometimes it's impossible not to refer to something political when posting about our life experiences, past and present, especially when as members Berg's influence on our common group think was so often highly political and dogmatic, we were restricted to his world view, and it was built into our belief system.

In the lives we now have "after the cult" there are going to be both Obama supporters and McCain supporters. So eventhough of itself the opinion that McCain is not a war hero, to most McCain supporters that's gonna be a political arguing point. And as everyone knows on this particular board there isn't a place for that, notwithstanding, as I said above and as I think you all know, we haven't disallowed the grey ...CB's knowledge on healthcare for example she will have to refer to something involving politics. Or simply the fact that there's a possible constitutional question because the Republican nominee was born on an Army base in another country. It's a simple fact and it's a point of interest.

Due to vacations and the like, i.e. logistics, if there's to be a temporary board for cut and dried political debate on the site it won't happen until around October. I think 4 years ago we called it the "Soap Box". So we'll be letting you all know soon enough.