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From Ex-Member

Posted by Passing By on September 06, 2008 at 20:29:42

"All that to say that the World will become as it will have to and that doing a choice or another in USA for example these days won't change anything to it, that's why the only way to avoid talking politics is just not participate in it plainly! I'm more interested in individuals' behaviour and how they can be manipulated by others at any level or manipiulate others themselves here or there..."

You express clearly the extent of my own interest in politics. Manipulative techniques we are all familiar with (acknowledging different degrees and its differences as perpetrators and receivers) has been at the center of much debate, even during this brief discussions of late but you nailed it right on the head.

In my observation, petty politics involve crude manipulative statements (he was born in such place) but helpful enlightening arguments come through a lot of openness that partisan politics nullifies almost by definition. I consider the post where I got the quote above, and CBs answer to it, very helpful. We can look at our past experiences and examine them in the light of the internal politics of manipulation that Berg and Maria and staff engaged, and draw conclusions.

For this reason I would hope that political discussion will be void of partisanship here because, after all, it is only about American politics. There is a whole world out there that has views of the American actors but yet some people adept to partisan politics shunned them for the most part, manipulation at its best.