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Reminder: ABUSE of multiple handles

Posted by Coordinator on September 08, 2008 at 00:15:45

We've already spelled out the rules against misuse of multiple handles here:

In case that is too cryptic, it means among other things: do not pretend to be more than one person on a single issue.

I can't emphasize this enough: While we do allow the use of multiple handles, we do at least expect them to be used from a position of honesty, not malice. If a poster has been banned due to breaking our rules and returns to this forum under a different handle, that is considered posting with malicous intent.

Our rules specifically state that anonymity &/or multiple handles may not be used to "manipulate readers into believing you have more support for your position than actually exists." And that extends to manipulating readers into believing there is more support for a product/site than there actually is. Pretending you are someone else in order to hawk a "friend's site" when it is your own borders on playing mind games to confuse posters.

To the person concerned: you know who you are and that you are banned. Do you remember why? We'd rather you address the reasons through email and have your ban officially lifted, than have you posting on the coy. For now we will allow you to continue posting on our boards, but not as a trusted poster -- your posts will be reviewed before release. Please remember that we don't play games here, and a lot of things you are doing simply will not fly.