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the use of the ID Mir on your board

Posted by mir on October 05, 2008 at 18:04:00

Dear Coordinator,

I realize that it must be difficult to nearly impossible to know if someone using a pseudonym on this board is doing so with a motive of deceit.
But I believe that this is exactly what has occurred with the recent use of the ID Mir. I am the mir/Mir that has long posted on NDN, and it has been a long time (months and months) since I have posted here. Therefore, the individual using the ID Mir did so with the purpose of deceiving the posters and coordinators on this board. If you are not sure whether I am, in fact, the mir/Mir from NDN, you are welcome to speak with me on that site, or to email me. I believe that I know the identity of the poster using my ID, but I can't give you any proof other than circumstantial evidence.