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Soap box to the coordiantors...webmaster...

Posted by Farmer on October 06, 2008 at 05:10:37

Thank you for the trust & effort, enabling us to
talk about political etc. matters.

I must say, that I still had a bit of a problem with the board-divisions.I think the main division ran for me in like manner: life in TF, & thus topics/ issues related to that time & then life before or after TF...out of TF, with the various in life off the boards, "real life" I figure we meet also all kinds of people of various "faith" & philosophical "schools" of thought...some we might "fight", have a quarrel with, with others we won' I never expected the boards to be very free from that...however insults should never be allowed neither off the boards, nor here...& you're doing a great job in trying to keep things moderate & peaceful

I must confess, that I often offended the genex-board-rules...because some topics beyond TF are religious - e.g. also Indian or other religion - but obviously not TF-related, but sometimes parallels intrigue me

You're right in the gen-es rules, that much of Berg's writings related e.g. to politics, so how to seperate efficiently all that?...

I hope, think, that we are mature enough, to discuss politics fairly peacefully...for me it doesn't matter for what somebody else votes e.g.

In general I still think there are mainly these two "divisions": aspects / issues relating to our time within, false practices, teachings, methods etc...once in a while may be something good & then our life, way of thinking, believing outside...

I think a believer should normally be mature enough to stand the ridicule of an atheist & an atheist should have the will to hear a believer out, before he / she answers....but may be it's really the best for the time being to have it all divided up as you did & then gen ex is really the
board where we talk about the time in TF and the other stuff somewhere else?? that anytime you become too religios or political, you have to say to your couterpart: let's discuss that at journey or soap-box??!!...the problem with that is only the "ripped apart" discussion...I guess there is hardly a perfect format & way of doing things.

One last thing though & actually the reason to post this...sigh ; )...sorry:

As the link to soap box seems to me a bit hidden & getting pusshed down as thread by newer posts, do you intent to make a button at the front-page??
or are we in a trial-period??