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There is a world of difference

Posted by UN worker on October 23, 2008 at 08:40:10

In Reply to: Re: Squeezing the Blood posted by AndyNoc on October 23, 2008 at 04:33:00:


I trust it is alright for me to enter my opinion as an outsider (never was a member). I am a friend of Exfamily and helped contribute to the creation of some documents for this site.

There may indeed be a few individuals as you say, but as an organization, their work is tainted and fraudulent.

As an insider working in aid organizations, I know we all have our share of inadequacies. Some of us even have turf wars and marketing or fundraising techniques that resemble those of commercial enterprises. There are however irreconcilable differences between us and bloodsucker organizations like TFI or FCF. Strong words, I know, but I have my reasons:

Legitimate aid organizations are transparent. Our expenditure, ethics and field operations can be scrutinized to the minute detail. We have to uphold basic law and standards laid out for all charity organizations. Penny for penny, we can be made to account for our effectivity, productivity and cost ratios. Aid organizations outline concrete long-term goals and work from the inside, convincing local governments to uphold the law and basic human rights. We are not allowed to harbor secret agendas like proselytization or recruitment into a New Religious Movement. We use concordant benchmarks and concordant measurements for determining whether or not our long-term goals are met. We work for giving school-age children proper education, for working within social and legal contexts for reducing poverty in populations, for bringing clean water and electricity to villages, for the feeding of the hungry and the creation of locally sustainable food supplies, for immunization and the cure of diseases, etc. Our workers are career professionals who can find work in any number of aid organizations. Many of us are lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects and engineers who chose to pursue humanitarian work.

In contrast, TFI volunteers will not likely find employment due to their lack of qualifications. They do not have any genuine, long-term humanitarian goals other than to convince everyone in their belief that Jesus' return is overdue and therefore no long-term goals are needed other than preparation for his return.


A friend and UN aid worker