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Re: Spanking little kids

Posted by Farmer on November 08, 2008 at 18:15:43

In Reply to: Re: Spanking little kids posted by CB on October 30, 2008 at 10:41:57:

CB...I don't know, why people have troubling kids, which can be a real drain...I think for adults it's always best to look first in one's own heart...however to kind of having the blanket
statement/opinion: always good kids...very bad husbands would be off in my opinion as well.
I've seen kids throwing themselves on the floor in a shop...the mother walking embarrassed away...really great response, leaving the yelling kid with all the other customers...great!I felt embarrassed about that mother.

Kids at that young age aren't supposed to rule the show...problem is probably, that the parents are unruly somewhere themselves, may be or surely?The parents also take their right to vent frustration if it pleases them & kids can sometimes do even "better" than that.But I wonder sometimes, I see parents, who're anything but villains, by observation, yet they have real unruly kids....which makes me think, that they are not so much a bad example and unloving, but may be just too "mellow" & pleasing.

Also I think laws should protect the weaker ones from excesses and a swat on the bottom is IMO not really excessive...better if it doesn't have to happen.
But please tell me, you never loose patience with your fellow citizen?I at least understand the problem, that if you can't hit, that at the minimum you feel like raising your voice at times.You don't see that need?I have not seen always-well- behaving kids...some are so sensitve, you just have to say very mild words of correction to them, I have encountered them & they are raw/rare Jewels...others yet hardly seem to get the point.I figure, characters happen to be very different & may be your counsel works wonders for the very mild & what if the kid is really unruly, yet the parents are very reserved?
It can happen...then bring the kid to the government??I think that's the wrong way, it's just that many child-specialists can't seem to make up their mind, how much "liberty" to give to responsible parents in dealing with their kids...and I am not sure, whether their academical opinion is always to be treasured super highly...just remember the times of Dr.Spock or Germany it's the clinical psychiatrists who were regurlarly wrong in assessing the progress of convicted rapists, sexual offenders...those criminals are real good actors & know exactly what those doctors want to hear.May be there is a super study on what ways of correction is suitable for most kids....but I am talking about some understanding for the tough cases.I think it'd be best to take lots of time for your kids, because they need it & bad for a parent if he/she doesn't take it...however is it best to land a parent in jail, because he/she hit the child, what used to be a swat on the clothed bottom? some countries it's like that.I just hope, that for the few birth they have in many industrial nations they have time/love & money to support their kids...but somehow I doubt it...something of the three gets missing at times...shorter or longer time.