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Back again?

Posted by Thinker on November 21, 2008 at 19:26:29

In Reply to: Re: Can I join The Family? posted by anonymous on November 21, 2008 at 13:05:32:

You read suspiciously like someone who is banned from this site. And you don't seem at all sincere in your questions, but rather as someone posting with intent to provoke. But here's giving you the benefit of the doubt in case you really are that thick that you can know so much "insider" information and yet miss the most obvious. (Insider is in quote marks because your knowledge is deep enough so it's clear you aren't the regular uninformed public, but shallow enough that it's obviously the information of a TF-wannabe and not a real insider who's been there, just like the person who was banned.)

You wrote, "From their website The Family appear to want to present the image of a harmless christian organisation. Doing good volunteer works around the globe. And doesn't mention anything about any communities or community life."

You answered your own question with "appear" -- there is what they show the general public and what they really are in secret. They reveal themselves in layers, and you get to see more the more they trust you are hooked on them.

You wrote, "Also something I was wondering about was that exfamily says that The Family used to have racist ideas. What was the nature of those ideas?"

I don't where exFamily says they have racist ideas, but the front page says that they preach anti-semitisim behind closed doors. Still, you are right, they do teach/taught racism. They said a whole lot against Jews, blacks and Africans. They treated "local" members as lesser "equals." They still subscribe to these beliefs, but have hidden them from the public, deleting incriminating statements from their literature in order to avoid culpability. They have not made any apologies for these statements nor made official statements that these teachings were in fact wrong, just swept them under the carpet. Many current or recently-exited members will still parrot anti-Jewish and racist propoganda taught in TF. It's clear they still subscribe to these beliefs.

You wrote, "And if that is what they believed why are they pictured on their websites doing good deeds around the world? i.e. helping people of differing race."

Come again? Are you that naive? Racist whites have been known to throw a coins at black people whom they think of as being born as lesser beings than whites. In any case, TFI generally aren't really doing anything real for anybody they claim to "help." See these posts by "UN Aid worker" and "Traveler" below.

You wrote, "Also I read that "mo-letter" "The girl that couldn't" about Toni and Lora. I read that 'Lora' was 'keda sky' and was the head of the Asia branch or whatever) so they were a global organisation even back in those days. Again how does this work if they had racist ideas?"

Same answer as above.

You wrote, "How does 'The Family' work today? Do they live in communes? Where are the communes? Is it easy to join up? I'd like to experience what life is like inside the group - how could I do that? Is there a group in the UK? or near the UK? What would I find at the London address given on the website?"

If you feel like having your life destroyed, do your own homework. You'll find a way if you want it that bad.