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Let me save you some time

Posted by AC on November 21, 2008 at 21:20:58

In Reply to: Re: Can I join The Family? posted by Farmer on November 21, 2008 at 16:19:36:

Here are just a few things to consider that could make you a potential candidate for TF:

Do you have lots of money or parents that are wealthy and/or influential? YOU could be a good candidate for TF.

Are you poor, but attractive or have a natural knack for conning others to part with their goods? YOU could be a candidate for TF.

Do you have a skill or a trade that can be used by TF to bring them money or influence or protection, like being a lawyer or something? YOU could be a good candidate for TF.

Are you a glutton for punishment? YOU could be a good candidate for TF.

What could make you regret joining:

You had a lot of money, gave it up to TF and then if things don't work out or you don't like the taste of the pill after the candy coating is gone, you get to leave with nothing returned to you.

You get sick or disabled and you are no longer in possession of your goods. You are booted to the outer realms of membership and you learn the hard way that joining was not a good idea.

You have children while you are inside and you lose the sacred relationship of true family because you are chasing an illusion of Utopia where your REAL family does not come first but your dead head leaders do.

Your children are institutionalized to follow the leader and either laugh at you behind your back or swallow the pill and accept the fate they face when they become adults, or accept the fate you give them if they are minors, while you take them to third world countries and play Poisonwood Bible with a bizarre twist of "Who's your Daddy?" Jesus.

I recommend that you get a vascetomy or get your tubes tied before you join. That way, you at least won't be destroying the lives of any future children you could otherwise have.