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Re: Some explanation from movingon....

Posted by Que on January 27, 2009 at 00:15:45

In Reply to: Re: Some explanation from movingon.... posted by someone on January 26, 2009 at 22:33:59:

Short posts with no explanations can be too cryptic. One might understand the Spanish but miss the message if there is no context given, no intro to spell out what the point is. Nothing made sense until it was spelled out that this is about an ex-member of TF.

All our stories are different. I know what I did and didn't do. Why should I feel lucky about anything? I didn't "destroy" any kids' lives. At the most I affected my own, and I have already made ammends with them. I don't agree with being wrong by default and taking shit just by virture of belonging to the older generation.

It is very possible to have "compassion toward souls who may range from the wounded to the damaged to the fractured to the liquefied" and still say you don't agree with the shit thrown at you. It has nothing to do with "doubting their hurt."

Throwing shit and watching us take it deserved or undeserved, is not helping them get any justice. It doesn't even come near the justice they need. Playing along with the B&W thinking of "ticking time bombs" and the "walking wounded" can actually be more damaging than helpful. Instead of merely placating someone so that they don't explode somewhere like Ricky did, you are encouraging them to believe in the blanket view that everyone in the older generation is to blame. It is such blanket extremist thoughts that lead to violent extremist actions. If you don't encourage them to be rational, it will only hurt their own healing.

What was that about "spread themselves like a green bay tree" anyway? I didn't get it either.