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Posted by Ready Freddy on February 10, 2009 at 08:54:40

How would a person go about joining The Family. I know the past and I do not condone it. You all have the right to hate those that hurt you in the past. As a catholic I have seen the Catholic Church change over 2000 years. Mostly for the better, the new pope is having a rocky start. What the catholics did in centuries past(murder in the lords name) is more horrific than a thousand David Bergs. They moved past that and became the dominate and most respect Christian religion in the world. As the catholics did I believe the current leaders are trying to change The Family without disturbing the spirit of the David Berg legacy. As the first generation retires hopefully the second generation will address the past and make sure history does not repeat its self. I have met current members of TF and they have an innocence rarely even seen in children. I yearn for that outlook on life. Don't you?