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Re: No reason to beat around the bush...

Posted by Farmer on April 14, 2009 at 17:07:34

In Reply to: Re: No reason to beat around the bush... posted by Harriet on April 14, 2009 at 14:43:22:

Harriet, nice, that you visit the forum/board & have a genuine interest to help someone.
In times past I used to witness daily (one weekend-day free though) and many times I used the illustration in witnessing, that you cannot help someone, who doesn't want the lifesaver...we used to apply that to the people outside, who weren't as "saved & spiritual" as us in the meantime I learned to distance myself a lot from this snobbish stance/attitude.

I find to the contrary people in the normal world & churches simply more on the track than TF-folks.

So there is a spiritual delusion of grandeur often among the TFers...being so special...and much of their "antics" remind me of the gnostics in the early centuries, who also swapped mates, like among the carpocracians e.g. & other gross spiritual deteriorations.If we reject the truth, we get some strong delusions...TF applies that to "backsliders" and they don't know how much they deviated from the straight & narrow path.

It might be helpful to list all the past & present crimes of TF...where sexual & other abuse of minors was the most horrid deviation/crime.

They think they know about love, but they confuse it with sex & fleshly lust.They minimise the stance of the apostle Paul in all this, kind of ridicule him...

So people have to make the choice...we on the board did make a choice...other youngsters...teens young adults of the "second generation" made their choice as well and left by the scores...sad to say their brilliant website is down for now...but as I said, it's about a choice.One can serve the Lord, it's a wonderful thing to do, but I wouldn't recommend any of my children TF for that...& how would I recommend it to outsiders?Now it takes quite some "searchlight" to make TFers to see their errors.
It takes some stepping back from the monotonous
drumming of the leaders, which comes in form of monthly letters/advisories...TF prided themselves in taking the best from all the different movements & the hierachy resembled/resembles much the catholic church...their secrecy about their leadership they were never really able to "explain well"...

Now if this dear youth never had one shred of a doubt, I wonder how you could needs the sentiment/feeling on his side to be "somewhat lost"...there is a big discrepancy between advises of TF and much what is in the Bible...sure, you find in history many sects & movements, who were nearly as crazy as TF...but does that matter?But if he feel's alright about all the crazy policies..e.g. the Loving Jesus revolution...sharing mates etc....not labouring with your hands/head for your living...bribing officials to remain in a foreign country for permit and so forth...well, if bad is good, than the yardstick is quite twisted

To sum it up...I wonder, if you have a "direct permit" officially from the school etc. to intervene...often you have in schools a mentor/tutor/guide/counsellor/psychologist, who is to be addressed in "times of trouble"...what's the policy at your school???

But I thought, one thing you can do for sure, & that is to pray for the youngster and that seems to me for now the best avenue...unless you write more about your "bureaucratic liberties"

I hope all turns out well for all involved and you're right...may be it's best not to write about it on the board...I didn't check the spelling...sorry