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Re: Not without my sister

Posted by Farmer on July 10, 2009 at 15:30:50

In Reply to: Re: Not without my sister posted by alisa on July 09, 2009 at 14:31:00:

"There are allot of honest people who really do want to help "............................hmmm...ok

Not too much doubt about that from my side (the willingness I would sense at least)...more about that later

Dear Alisa...first of all it's very good to have you and your opinion on the board... honestly I cherish that, like to hear your side of the story...if I hate something in life..literally, then it's injustice of all sorts and in consequence I don't like to retain many prejudices in life, actually none...though that's a bit or very much unreal, cause after all, we all happen to fall prey to prejudices all the time, since we don't have all the facts to judge meticiously, as God is able...therefore it's needed & best to cover much with the blanket of love. (yet you can't go in a shop and buy a kilogram of much needed love ; ) )

One of my standard attitudes since fairly young has been: don't laugh at people who are seriously hurt and cry...even if the mishap looks funny (unless the person can laugh about it too)... not adding insult to injury.I also used to point that out to my the "system" that is totally different, sad to say..they can't help it it seems, most of the times, is my impression.

The Bible does say, to rejoice with them that do rejoice and to weep with them that weep (Romans 12:15)...fantastic counsel, but I am afraid also TF or rather TF didn't adhere to that in the times of the older SGAs or in general...I am also referring to the much dreaded retraining centres...were you part of them????...did you read, what Jules had to say about her experience in the Philippines...doesn't sound like fun...being no law expert, I'd say even by international standards, that must have been or is at least now illegal such conduct or what??...some of the SGAs were super prolific writers on whith a super high command of the English language...who also hardly missed an error of their own peers (greetings to JoeH.)...and I'd say, they'd tear also your posts...linguistically... apart...not to say, that I treasure those kind of "grammar-games"....but don't you think, you'd also meet your master in the linguistic fields????

So my point is if the "Jones-sisters" laugh, let me laugh with them...if they'd made a silly mistake...let me not laugh at them, for I know, where they came least, I have an idea....if they weep & are sad, then let me learn to have compassion with them...hearing them out....nothing much more, but rather not little from that point of view, I can't fathom any criticism...from whomever....ok, if it had been of some peer at MWM (you were there????), I'd listen double of what you have to say....but then I'd wonder about your moral compass (sorry about that...but I like to distance myself as much as need be from the unscriptural behaviour-patterns/teachings of TF...widely displayed then also at MWM)

So if any board reader is interested in joining in the criticism of the book...then why not also doing it via email at rise international...some platform of Celeste Jones and others...that'd be my suggestion....I am sure, they'd appreciate any feedback (Although from time to time Celeste even joins us here, I am thankful for that).So far I read many more comments of people who were deeply touched!!!

Frankly I assume you belong rather to the bit "younger" TF/SGA generation...younger than the authors of the book...sorry, if I'd assume falsely...I'd apologise

I can even sympathise with the notion, that you had some great time in growing up in TF (Personally I had never witnessed any sexual abuse of minors - neither other agegroups- in TF, but that is no proof, that it didn't happen in the homes I was in behind closed doors)...for I had also great times witnessing to people & had some beautiful contacts along the line....but that idea of witnessing is really not limited to TF...what else could have been the reason for finding it great in TF?I'd appreciate your comments!

You know, the first time I litnessed...few days after joining in summer 1976...I almost "died" innerly asking for donations.I kind of cherished the idea, to always earn with your own hands or whatever your meagre income...also hating to "produce" some excuseline for supporting missionary outfits...the "missionaries" were us (WS included...the tithe-issue we could discuss again at journeys, if you like).One time I was stopped by some "Roman" & he said I can't collect funds without permit for a group...I could beg though for the personal needs...when I did that afterwards with a brother on a "faithtrip"...I died another inner death...we called that bottlebreaking...I call that now denying/killing your consciousness...same goes for wife and what have you...oh, extending permits/visas in countries, with faked/untrue medical certificates etc. etc.

Something really to be proud about? : (...and as far as litnessing for money is concerned, we used to "comfort each other" with the notion, that people could spend the little spare money on something much worse...and yes...our message was sooooooo important, like Conakry rip off....sigh..Though true to some extent, the gospel is IMO free

I used to excuse myself with Galations 6:6....but frankly, I was seldom teaching someone thoroughly with the Word.Even the churches collect money and have often really questionable services for it, but that is not the point, excusing yourself with the mistakes of others.
Ephesians 4:28 and 1.Thess 4:11 admonish me/us rather to labour with my/our own hands...since doing that again since almost 2 consciousness is at ease...wonderful isn't it??

Yes, and I did meet some nice people in TF.Point is, by Bible-standard we were deluded...mislead...and we propped up each other.It wasn't a real healthy fellowship & communing.In the consequence I wouldn't want to fellowship with anyone nowadays unless he/she'd renounce the deep dark sides of TF-teachings...

History repeats itself...the gnostics of old also had all kinds of crazy teachings..the carpocracians supposedly shared their mates etc

And even way back in the eighties, we would know the technique of singing in a nursery in Nepal & taking some touching pics of feeding the infants and using that for a newsletter.It didn't generate any funds via mail, but later that came handy in going DTD/shop to shop in the what "help-agenda" are you really talking about?...please fill me in.Have a wonderful, blessed life