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Re: well I didn't know that

Posted by Farmer on November 18, 2009 at 01:13:17

In Reply to: Re: well I didn't know that posted by FamilyHater on November 17, 2009 at 15:35:00:

F...H... abreviation...sorry...I believe you and may be there is a time, where either you or her can write down the story for the world to it's the meantime I hope she's not helplessly discomforted to know, having experienced that the men in TF exploit the weakness of women/teenage girls/children...fully knowing, that there are also mighty strong women in the world...but we're not talking about that.It's also none of her fault...she needs to believe that...they exploited her...although in consequence it's hard to almost seems to naturally "shake" that awful feeling off, meaning the feeling of having been exploited for the gratification of some very selfish adult.She needs to know/believe/understand/accept, that that kind of amounts to hate/disregard for her and her feelings & needs.She needs to know, that she had the unfortune of growing up in that horror cult & may be she will have remorse & utter sadness why it was that place & not some better part for children to grow up in....all the more I admire her, that she wants her child not to go through that later.This is real mothers love & I am also wondering about the mothers...besides the fathers in TF, who all allowed that to happen...most of all (non) motherly Mary/Zerby...I hate using Maria for her...what an abuse of that name.

Ricky marvelled at a kid with normal parents in a park...he never had that...really sad...because TF revells in being abnormal.

But she should also know, that in the world they also prey on innocent seems some men are really going for that...but I believe in a judgement day & those deeds will have dire consequences latest in the afterlife...even Obama said that recently...

Here is a link of similar wickedness...that way she can understand may be, how worldly and wicked TF really is...they're so twisted, it's got nothing to do with real love: