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Posted by Peace on December 03, 2009 at 09:49:07

It was actually a rhetorical question when I asked in a thread below it Peter and Maria were signaling their interest in having a dialogue with exmembers. In the surface, their letter seems to be along those lines. It appears out of the blue as if they were saying "yes, we are interested." Let's explore that possibility. Naturally, not everybody will be interested in doing so. Some people who might be interested may have already decided that it would be a waste of time. Others may simply be uninterested.

I am not adding anything else to what has already been said as a reaction to the letter. I think it is all there. But another possibility just occurred to me, that in spite of their willingness to come out clean, they just don't know what to do.

I'll explain, Maria and Peter have been doing this "absolute power" thing for so long that they have no clue how to deal with real people. They have been surrounded by Yes me and woman for so long that M&P don't have the skills to read or to write without pontificating.

So I thought that maybe summary of comments in the context of their own words from their letter might do the trick. After all, if they are truly interested in a dialogue, as I suspect, shouldn't they take the lesson?

Many of the issues may have a variety of shades but appear to be common among exmembers, and not only to those of us in the First Generation. Then there are also thos bigger issues that span generations, the serious ones they seem to keep ignoring.

Let's see what happens.