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My thoughts

Posted by PCG on December 06, 2009 at 09:37:00

I am also leaving TFI but will remain a christian, I firmly believe that if the Family hadn't put so much emphasis on levels, DO, GP, FD, MM, FM, that they would have had much better results today. Also placing leadership in a pedestal the way they do and always have is a rotten mentality that they need to do away with, its part of the Family culture to almost worship those who are in leadership, beginning with M&P, so I agree with those who say the the first thing that needs to happen for the culture to truly change is M&P resigning from leadership.

One other thing, part from this subject, I feel that Mama and Peter are so out of touch, and they don't understand what reality is really like, they created a dream world to their followers, under the mentality of "Heavenly Perspective" but we are on Earth, living earthly live, if we try to live like Heaven we will make a mess of things and live a false reality, that is where they messed up the lives of many people.

One thing that I was thinking of is that Mama is a spoiled woman, and so is all leadership that was trained by her, Mama and most leadership have no idea what it is like to raise their own child, cook your own meals, clean your own house and support themselves, they live an unrealistic life, they live off other people's hard work and sweat, they cannot relate to real people and have no true love for them. Its all words, its all on paper only. All Maria does all days, for years, sit in her trailer/bus and believe that she has an edge on God, that she is His favorite and that is how she lives, she knows nothing about real life, she has never lived it.

In a way I do believe that they are also brainwashed and don't see that they are living a lie, it will be a sad realization when they wake up and see how far they have gone and how they have wasted their lives. I will pray for them.