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Posted by Farmer on June 30, 2010 at 14:48:11

In Reply to: Re: *Sigh* posted by Coordinator on June 30, 2010 at 11:18:43:

"Why is it pro-TFI people typically think nothing of using abrasive and sexist phrases like "knickers in a twist?"

"The statement that pro-TFI people typically use such phrases doesn't mean that those who use such phrases are automatically pro-TFI. A cow in an animal but an animal is not necessarily a cow."

I simply wondered why you made such point, when you concede, that also other people who use such terminology otherwise aren't pro TF (Implications:...not everyone reflects on his "foul language"...but that is not morally conclusive in all aspects...likewise people with beautiful "stereotypes"...expressions...rhetorical skill
aren't automatically morally top notch)

I give you an example I thought of before posting the other post: many prisoners use a foul language, either already before or while in...that term might even be a very mild one compared...although many criminals have some regard and respect for their respective criminal careers, they have a pretty unique despise for child molesters and abusers...

So "using"...misusing the term and not reflecting on it is occuring too much, I'd agree to must not lead necessarily to further compelling reflections on missing morals or ideals in general (you kind of agreed with me on that...I think)...from a => b given true a and
false b you have the value false for the implication...nothing more I meant, that using the term means not being otherwise a child-abuser or agreeing with them and please...we don't know each other too well here (but that also is true in regard to the so called TF-defenders...I figure, there is hope until the dieing day and weren't we contemplating the dialogue with people in TF or close to it, SGAs etc.???They have very shocking morals, we all agree to that, but one term here or there makes not the difference for me, rather whether they distanced themselves from the respective dogmas or are willing to reason about it)...I agree with you, that one should tone down in language...trying to be polite...I figure, attacking TF is for many still an emotional trauma...close/equal to attacking someone's loved one...whoever that may be.

Also,I am not smart...I know I am not...and often I just pretended to be ; ) At work people like that are called "actors"

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