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Posted by Visitor on February 10, 2011 at 18:43:16

In Reply to: Re: PS correction posted by MG on February 09, 2011 at 03:33:34:

I wish you were right but…

I don’t share your views that TFI is slowly disintegrating. What we are witnessing is greater degrees of accommodation, expansion and expertise. All of this is making the main business of TFI more productive in terms of funds, more flexible in terms of organizational reaction, and highly specialized in terms of the activities they can start.

The elephantine operations of WS may be disbanded but there is a reason for that, the large number of possible new areas to start new initiatives (pioneer) is greater than the availability of able leaders. The mass of new generations of willing puppets lacks something to successfully lead new initiatives (be pioneers) and the hope is that old-timers will be able to supply that. Also, this is a good way for P&M to move towards freeing themselves from the responsibility of taking care of those old timers who now have the job of being sitters of a new generation of scammers.

Already in the 1990s P&M had been preparing this new generation by handpicking them to study and specialize. Remember that WS units had many privileged people. Families there enjoyed help of workers from handy work to cooking and childcare. There may have been exceptions here and there but all families in a WS home enjoyed privileges. My family received $20 per adult (US$40) dollars for our biweekly free day. To be fair, this may have been a local decision and not a Family practice but it was this way in the parts of Europe and the Americas where we were.

The preparation of this new generation included teachers for the children in the all WS homes. This was a matter of policy, and one of the inequalities that led me to leave because I knew how most homes in the field did not have the means to do it.
Be that as it may, the reality is that a new cadre of people who are used to a silver spoon will become the spiritual leaders of the New and Improved Family.

Right now TFI is moving into two, or maybe more, large initiatives. Primary and secondary education is being enforced, and specialized education is for those who show initiative and strength of beliefs (as well as a good pedigree, I am sure). I have been told by reliable sources that there are several places around the world that serve as training grounds for these new types of initiatives – all of them related to scamming “the system” like always. They receive training on the many aspects of building not-for-profit foundations and organizations to request donations.

They have a good number of leaders who went through higher education, and many have received high degrees (somebody I interviewed suggested that maybe Peter has received a Ph.D. degree).

The second direction is subtle. The goal is to disband those who are not willing or can’t support the first initiative. This group of people has always been there but this time it includes bona-fide members. There are some large families in the field and the number of handicapped children has been a big concern. Common to these families has always been their limitation in financial resources. Going from hand-to-mouth is not conducive to emphasize a strong educational environment for their children. Some solutions were suggested during the years, which was to sacrifice one or two and help them to find good jobs in order to secure some income for the family. If these families continue their affiliation to the main body, they will be sending their tithes and that is good. If the weak ones go missing, it is also good. So, fundamentally, little has changed in the way money goes from the poor suckers in the field to the mafia at the top.

I am passing this along because it is relevant to the news that TFI is collapsing. I don’t agree with it. The TFI is changing colors again but maintains their chameleonic nature of deception and hypocrisy.

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