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Posted by long time exer on September 06, 2011 at 12:24:31

In Reply to: Re: TBITC? posted by Coordinator on September 04, 2011 at 06:34:51:

Sometimes I wish we didn't need labels at all and I do know that on a posting board there is lots of room for misunderstanding because something can be read one way, understandably ruffling feathers but not intended to at all. The labels seem to make a general defining for experience and there is a huge difference being born in or parents joining and bringing you along as a young child, or joining as a teen or a twenty something or a forty plus in age. But sometimes it is hurtful to be defined as "FG" with a label as having facilitated Berg. It makes the "FG" labeled appear as a sex crazed pervert who was a predator bolstering the bigger predator and making him who he was. I think that pigeon-holes the FG actually. Also there is some thinking that FG's had "normal" families and should have known what they were getting into was deviant. But actually, the initial presentation was repressive Victorian at first as far as sexuality goes. It's hard to leave something that so destroyed so much of my life, after leaving a severely dysfunctional family of origin and then getting my life together in adulthood, and be labeled a facilitator of Berg. That implies that because I "joined" I helped Berg be who he was. That I recognized where things were headed. That I made a choice to jump into all the madness that it became over time and as Berg 'exposed himself'. It was extremely hard to make a "choice" to get out! It took a lot of courage and a lot of despair to jump ship and get myself and my family out. I'm at least glad that I did so before the institutionalized rape and abuse that occured to kids growing up in TF that were sent to combos or schools or were in homes where they were preyed upon. No wonder and no misunderstanding how those who experienced that grew up seeing the older generation. But it matters to me, not to be pigeon-holed into a rapacious stereotype. Women and men in the family were degraded and submissive and the process of getting there was not willingly joining and supporting a pervert incestuous pedophile for me.
Not for most FG, I suspect. If I was a pedophile and I joined the Family after it was outwardly sexualized, then I'd deserve the stereotype of facilitating Berg.

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