New article from the UK on Juliana Buhring's bike around the world

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Posted by Perry on July 10, 2012 at 17:06:31

Here's a new article from the UK on Juliana Buhring

To hell and back: a cult escapee's new challenge

How do you face up to a past full of unimaginable horror? If you’re Juliana Buhring, survivor of one of the world’s most notorious cults, you get on your bike

excerpt: "The Family International, as it now is, went through what it calls a “reboot” in 2010. This involved a move away from communal living and strict rules. The leaders apologised for past actions and a spokeswoman said: “Any previous writings that contain sexually explicit applications have been removed from circulation.” Juliana believes the changes are sincere. “Now if you’re part of The Family International you’re just part of a loosely based Christian group. All of the kids are getting educated and living normally.”

I disagree with Juliana's comment, however I recognize this is a newspaper article and she probably was not able to articulate further on that point.

Imo, TFI is not just another loosely organized Christian network. As she says in the article, it all goes back to the head, and the head always was and always will be David Berg. Get rid of every last vestige of Berg beliefs, doctrines, writings, etc., and there no longer is any need for the group.

I've said this before here, so I won't belabor the point, but no matter how the group now organizes itself, it originated from a very bad seed and thus cannot produce any good fruit. It continues to pose a danger to immature, naive, gullible or uniformed persons, and there always remains the risk that abandoned doctrines will resurface. Rebranding changes nothing. A skunk by any other name still smells.

Until they completely disown and reject Berg and Zerby, and rid themselves of every remnant of those two abusive fraudsters I will never believe anything anyone associated with the group has to say.

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