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Posted by ray on July 13, 2012 at 22:52:07

In Reply to: Re: Kudos to Perry posted by Pastor Don on July 06, 2012 at 08:35:52:

i do not claim any esoteric knowledge of tfi inner workings, but it seems obvious to me that for the average member, life is completely changed. several of my remaining relatives have drifted quietly out to begin new lives (sgas) and the rest show little evidence of any control over choices, movements, careers, studies etc. the giving thing has been dialed way back it seems to a sort of offering deal. prophecies have ceased as paul might put it. basically, there do seem to be some diehard true believers, but most that i've talked w/ anyway treat tfi like it is an embarrassing funny uncle... still family, but geez, don't let him meet my friends!! not a public repentance or clean sweep, but more the "fade away" type thing. i agree,many deserve justice that appears difficult to impossible to envision in this reality. but at least it looks like most of the damage is history. maybe someone feels called to nazi hunt, but my guess is most may heal better w/ a personal vision of going forward, w/ whatever help they can find. but my ? is whether it is really fair to lay so much responsibility on sga's, regardless of whether they maintain ties to relatives/friends still in group? it seems to me, they were not the perpatrators, but rather simply born there and are doing the best they can to move on. maybe i'm missing something, but it seems they might not benefit from interrogation. just a thought. ok... let her rip.

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