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Posted by ray on July 17, 2012 at 15:16:15

In Reply to: Re: perspectives posted by long time exer on July 17, 2012 at 14:18:59:

tx4 buying the book. did you have any thoughts about it? i really welcome critiques.

whether perry was referring to me, or tina (or both) as "nazi sympatizers", i do not know, but those were the only two perspectives offered as alternatives to the strong messages sent to her, that apparently he drew some inference/connection/paralell? so i gues either way, i still think it unwarranted. but you are welcome to your opinion.

the situation at icsa was unusual. they were organizations that had approached icsa for input on how they could clean up their act. obviously, their credibility is questionable, but in the primarily academic track it seemed appropriate. the "alternative view"`concept was in explaining it to some exmems that were understandably triggered. i do not think p&m are likely to appear on the dais anytime soon. BUT THE POINT was if a perspective of a recent sga leaver or a longtime outspoken exmem involved in the cult recovery movement (however limited) cannot express a perspective, in my case tentatively, w/o arousing charge of "nazi sympathizer" than i'm not really sure what the function of this discussion board is. if asked not to post, i shall trouble thee no more.

i ignored the attacks on my faith , which i did not mention, and the mischaracterization of my position ("people like ray say..")and tried to ask one simple question: is it fair, wise, helpful, to aggressively challenge a recent sga leaver who is clearly early in her journey... "renounce the devil, or else!" i don't get it? but, maybe i'm just "people like ray" and incapable of the clarity of understanding shared by others here. btw... i have never suggested any mercy be shown sandusky, berg, karen whateverhernameis, peter, the pope or hitler. can we drop that from the discussion? that would be nice.

the mention of the "black and white thinking" thing was in response to the either/or proposition that perry's post suggested. either denounce all members/hangerson/etc to tfi or you are aiding and abetting... my feeling is people are individuals, and especially sg exmems deserve at least respect, even if one wishes to question their clarity of thought.

is that really a position that is unthinkable here? if so, then clearly my question was out of place.

thanks again for your input. have a good one.

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