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Posted by long time exer on July 17, 2012 at 14:18:59

In Reply to: Re: sorry,let me try again... posted by ray on July 16, 2012 at 23:02:47:

You wrote: "but, if other perspectives are reduced to "nazi sympathizers" (ask the "nazis" if they find me sympathetic!) than i apologize. actually at icsa i heard several therapists who encouraged exmems to try seeing things from multiple perspectives, move away from "black & white" thinking, etc. in several sessions current members of krishna & moon groups were invited to participate, as well as eileen barker etc. The sense was learning to handle even totally contrary views was in no way harmful to exmems who felt ready for that. (not all did.)"

Regarding nazi hunter vs. nazi sympathizer, I didn't read the comment as an attack on you, but a warranted response because the way you spoke about the posts of those painted as nazi hunters was as if (and in the context of this post as well) they were thinking black and white as opposed to yout superior- look at both sides, kum-bay-yah sort of approach)this was the thinking of people unenlightened.
I wish any SG or FG or any G that leaves and begins working their way through the fog and hopefully to another side of it, that they do whatever they need to in dealing with that past. You wrote a book about your past. That was a way for you to deal with it. I bought that book, btw, and I have bought pretty much any exer's book as a form of my own support for their journey.
The last part of what I quoted that you wrote sort of made me sick to my stomach. It wouldn't had TFI actually and genuinely made an apology that was more meaningful, meaning truly realizing, admitting and putting Berg in the hall of infamy with Sandusky, where they both belong, because of acts that so gravely affected so many of all generations within TF. I can't see meeting with TFI, for example, and trying to reconcile that horrible past, with anything less than full responsibility taken for actions of the past by Karen Zerby and the complete distancing from Berg as any kind of "man of God" who had some issues, but gee, wasn't he great in some ways?
Same with Sandusky. He worked with vulnerable youth, and raped some of them. David Berg likely did worse. At least Sandusky didn't pull Jesus into it as the big pappa whore in the sky and in his thighs while he is slapping those little boys bodies against the wall. So, yeah. I'm a Nazi Hunter.

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