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Posted by Perry on July 28, 2012 at 17:44:40

In Reply to: Re: Practical Question about That River in Egypt posted by anovagrrl on July 18, 2012 at 09:42:26:

"Perry's verbal two-by-four"

That is a highly offensive characterization of my comments to Tina. You of all people should know better than to equate what I said to her to physical assault. I do not think what I said to her can be construed as a verbal assault at all, I was just stating the harsh facts. I did not cause or threaten harm to her. You could have simply said "Perry's verbal criticism" or something like that.

I acknowledged in one of my posts in that conversation that I was harsh on Tina, but I was purposely so for a reason. As you state: "When taking confrontational tactics, one can only hope that the outcome outweighs the damage done."

As I wrote to her in two different posts:

"I find it very sad that you have no interest in dissecting your past, which includes the corporate history of TFI, because I think if you did you might find the truth would set you free of your delusions."

"I really feel sorry for you. You are trapped in a lie. I hope you can find your way to reality one day and come to realize how you have been manipulated since birth to believe the things you believe. You have been thinking and speaking someone else's thoughts, ideas, and beliefs your whole life. But you are a woman now. Don't you think its time to put away childish things and start thinking for yourself?"

I do not think I caused any damage to Tina by my confrontational attitude towards someone who actively promotes the TFI. I think there is a greater chance that the harsh truth will get through to someone like her than politely allowing her to continue her delusions, especially when those delusions endanger others.

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