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Posted by Coordinator on September 03, 2012 at 03:19:28

It is quite understandable that you were upset by accusations made on this board. However, you were always welcome to speak for yourself and in the end, you did--no problems there. It is not the job of the the coordinators to take sides or defend anyone per se, but to see to it that exchanges are within the rules and guidelines. If Davida, whoever she really is, had used your legal name, we would have been far more stringent with controls and verification.

Regarding your other exchanges, with Observer in particular, you were not within the guidelines. When this was pointed out to you, you did not receive it well and chose to again post against the guidelines.

Your posts (like this one here ) do not make any sense--neither in context of the thread nor as a stand-alone post. What you are trying to say is entirely unclear (as are many of your posts). Yet after it was pointed out to you, you still chose to repost this in its entirety to Sometime Poster (now deleted).

Lately, everything you have communicated in response to our moderation efforts is that this site, its bulletin boards and the rules and coordinators have all failed you, do not suit you, and that you are above them. So I have had no choice but to delete your posts and put you on ice. If you are able to find it in you to agree to adhere to the guidelines, you are welcome to use our boards. Send us an email in that case. As it stands now, nothing you have communicated indicates that you are willing to respect the site's rules and guidelines.

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