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Posted by fh on March 15, 2013 at 06:17:56

In Reply to: Re: Demise of TFI as we knew it...maybe posted by fh on March 13, 2013 at 12:52:54:

Some more comments on the ‘tubes’. This may all be somewhat jumbled, but hopefully clear enough still.

An interesting one of Peter’s ‘youtubes’ is this one (4 min):
(Heart of it all and Gospel series)

At about 1:00 Peter says: “You can’t really understand the gospels so well unless you really understand what is behind them, why does people need to be saved, what does all this stuff mean and the only way you can get that is if you actually learn the theology of it.”
And later
“…and if you actually understand christianity, if you understand what is behind it, what God is about, why Jesus came, what sin is about, what is salvation about, then you will be a stronger christian…”.

Let it be said, it must be a wholesome project to desire to understand it all better, it cannot be otherwise.

But where it gets strange is that TFI, as the self-proclaimed avante guard of christianity, as the most advanced of all christians living today or perhaps of all time, these are interesting questions indeed, seeing they are some of the most elementary things in the entire of christendom. How can that be explained?

How can TFI be ‘the bride of Christ’ and ‘indeed the people’ and at the same time be so ignorant of the basic message of Christianity? Something does not add up here.

Is it possible that many TFI members have been on the mission field for 40 years plus and have never understood much of the basic messages they supposedly disseminate. That is indeed what seems to be Peter saying.
As an ex-member I can only say, yes it is definitely true of the past and it is obviously true of today, and it is not at all surprising they admit it, although they apparently do not understand the significance of such an admission.

If ‘salvation’ was never understood due to not understanding what ‘Jesus’ is about, nor what ‘sin’ is about, and according to Peter, not understanding the theology behind it, how then can salvation be explained to anyone else? It cannot.
This will perfectly explain why in TF the salvation message was boiled down to uttering a few words or even just getting what was a show of hands from a crowd og pupils in an auditorium after a 30 second intro. Are this genuine salvations we can witness at such an event, or is it no more than a magick ritual?

Furthermore, we must see all of this against the backdrop of the fact that, according to TFI dogma, TFI members have more or less direct access to chat freely (and apparently quite frivolously) with God Himself (see ) and thus of course can ask him and get reply to any question they want. They also have what they call the gift of prophesy and so can hear live from their ‘husband’ Jesus anytime and anywhere, as well as from their female holy spirit, or what they sometimes call the mother, or the Queen of Heaven, another pagan idol godess of Baylonian origin, absolutely cursed in the Scriptures, but which Berg wanted to warm up and reuse, dusted it off and brought in the back door for all to pay homage to.
Add to this that they also have crystal clear access to literally a host of dead people, David Berg included, believed by TFI to be residing in the near vicinity of the throne of God in Heaven.

There cannot be any question that of all these above mentioned sources, some of them should know the answer to at least some of these fundamental questions because they are supposed to have been in Heaven, some of them for centuries, and therefore must have been made privy to these mysteries.

Strangely enough it does not work at all when it comes to the very essential basics of Christianity. Nobody knows anything, not even God.

In TFI, it seems God and Jesus can only utter themselves on the most trivial of issues, things of little or no importance, and so far it seems always accomodating of what M&P already had in mind to do.
Amazingly as it may be, for issues to do with anything, excepting the Biblical Gospel and Christianity, Peter & co. can consult their God about it. However, anything to do with the Bible he must go elsewhere for answers, obviously because neither their god nor their jesus have a clue about the answers in this area, or maybe they just are stubborn and refuse to speak. What does this tell us?

The question then must be asked, with whom – really – do TFI members communicate when they insist they communicate with the above mentioned entities? As far as I can see, there is no real options but one here… as the New Bottles jesus have told them they must be to receive anything from him, over the years as they have learned to open themselves up for any voice inside their heads or hearts, (and so leave their mental faculties behind, being Old Bottle stuff that holds you back from receiving god’s new word for today) they are now in live communication (or communion) with anything that comes along, the thankful dupes of self-hypnosis and delusion, fallen angels and demons, masquerading as angels of light, as God, as Jesus, dead people, in fact anything the thankful mystics want to hear and conjure inside their minds, now voided of Gods true Word and thus truthful direction.
Where in the Bible is necromancing an accepted activity? Nowhere, it is simply cursed everywhere, because God knew it would lead to all sorts of perversions to go down that alley.

Having tea with the dead, oh, that is not a problem at all, nothing to worry about, we do it all the time – they say in TFI – just get in the spirit and you can do anything you like. Didn't you see the movie 'Ghost'? Because we in TFI have very special protection and so Jesus has made all kinds of exceptions to the rules for us because we are ‘his bride’ and ‘his intimate lovers’ and so on, therefore we are a special class who are excempted from having to follow the rules. In fact any rule whatsoever in the Bible – moral or otherwise – is not for us, because we adhere to the ‘law of love’ which intrinsically has revoked and ended all other rules and guidelines, so now we are free to follow our heart to love, love, love, and don’t ever have to worry about anything. The rules are for the lawbreakers, and since we are not lawbreakers the rules do not apply to us therefore we are exempted from the rules and are free to break all the rules, provided we do it all in love, love, love.

Such delusion and such a travesty, but such was Berg’s reasoning, as still is to a large degree in TFI.

As a matter of fact, when Berg tossed out the spiritual and moral rules of the Scripture, this is exactly what he wanted.

2.Cor 11:13-15. “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

So, according to Peter, from now on, in order to be better christians, TFI members must understand the hidden (what is behind the) Gospel in order to understand the biblical Gospel, the notion of sin, salvation, Jesus, the works. What I would expect Peter to do now is to continue to lead everyone further into the darkness of cabalism and gnosticism, in other words, the esoteric Gospel doctrines of Blavatsky and the rest of the inner circle who purportedly have access to the secrets and mysteries of old, nothing other than more of the same idolatry and witchcraft they already are deep into.
For that deep understanding of what is behind the Gospel they now will go to the books on theology (whatever that means) from a variety of religious outfits, and here we will find Thomas Aquinas, Ignacius of Loyola, Meister Eckhardt and other such mystics and theosophists, probably a few modern ones as well.
Notice that Peter will ostensibly be the one who will dissect and ‘serve’ it all for the rest of the TFI members who therefore continue to relinquish their moral duty and responsibility in these matters and is expected to continue to rely upon his (Peter’s) sense of what is christianity and what is not.
Frankly I see no good reason at all to trust that Peter has any gift whatsoever of telling what is right from what is wrong. This is quite evident from all their past and present erroneous and wicked doctrines and practices, and promotion of the same.

The inverted world of the hidden theological gospel behind the Gospel has always been the focus of the occult world of theosophists and the like, clearly to the neglect of the plain scripture which always for the most part has been understandable to all.
But, after all, again this makes perfect sense, in a semi-hypnotic state it is essentially the direction TF have been going at increasing speed ever since the beginning, so what is to stop them now.
It is the same delusion that tells that, having thrown out the moral law of the ten commandments, they are therefore special and so advanced, but incidentally history has many examples of similar folks who also thought they were an exception to God’s rules. The antinomians of the 16th century is one example, being almost a clone of TF, i.e. there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe TFI is unique or one a kind, just look at history.

Had understanding the real issues been paramount, there would never have been any TFI as we knew it or presently know it; therefore just like if Berg had understood, his followers would also have understood, but in his ignorance and his carnal mind Berg for the most part trampled on scripture, an attribute he successfully imparted to his followers, alive and well also today, however ignorant most current members may about it.

Having been subjected to endlessly redundant and mindnumbing publications for so many years, one can only hope they will now start going back to, and understanding, the Scriptures they should have stood by all along.

Had they at this point known where to go for truthful information they really could have helped to bring TFI out of the darkness they have been in ever since the beginning, and lifted them up into a totally different league, but alas it will not very likely happen. True to their history, not knowing what is good for them they turn to the fables of others who’se dogmas for centuries and milleniums have brought little but crippling superstition and suffering. As a former catholic and possibly even a crypto Jesuit, Peter will likely openly turn to the same Catholic mystical dogma that has always been close to the heart of TFI. Again we will see.

What is the real purpose of Peter explaining about the whopper books and the several feet of books that he has bought himself for the purpose of understanding this secret Gospel? Strange thing to do, really. Is he factually asking for respect by telling everyone how many books he has acquired and planning to read, and what size they are? Maybe so. It may work on many, but still I do wonder if many others won’t react with controlled enthusiasm to such an approach.

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