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Posted by fh on March 13, 2013 at 12:52:54

In Reply to: Re: Demise of TFI as we knew it... posted by Observer on February 21, 2013 at 05:33:05:

I see you have chosen to look at it in an overall sort of way, and the impressions you are then left with. Depending on what angle you come in from, the assessments of the points you comment on may vary quite a bit.
Briefly however, after watching most of those youtubes, I can see how you are hopeful, but I am quite uncertain as to how much light I see at the end of the proverbial tunnel here.

Anyhow, and in retrospect, knowing what kind of changes Maria and Peter have introduced during the last 18 years and what general direction the previous seems to have taken, there may not be a lot of reason for optimism at this point.
These reboot changes are admittedly substantial, namely the changes in the almost purely physical environment and boundary makeups for the ordinary members, which long term could grow deeper roots …meaning that the long term ramifications and implications of the reboot changes could mean far more than originally intended by M&P. Things could simply get out of hand unless they rein in or roll it back somewhat, which may be happening as we speak.
We will see about this, but it seems unlikely that someone who will get more of their input from other sources than the unbelieveably redundant TFI ‘spiritual feedings’, that they will continue forever to be bound by the official superstitious doctrines of TFI. That leaves hope, but much depends on where they now will go for information.

When Peter says that with the reboot everything is turned upside down, imo there is unfortunately not much evidence to back that up. If it was true, and if TFI was a movement based on Christian values they would scrutinize and test against Scripture each and every previous doctrine and practise they ever held in the past, which clearly is not the case nor intention. To the contrary, as far as I can see in these videos he does not mention even one dogma or doctrine that they have revoked for good and permanently. Not one.

All in all, as others have also said in the past, at this point what one could wish for would above all be a general repentance of Peter and Maria’s past and present waywardness, but I don’t see that coming in the near future. But had they stepped forward and apologized sincerely and profusely for leading people astray as seriously as they have done, for disposing of the Bible as a blueprint, for aiding, abetting and still supporting Berg’s headlong and uncontrolled fascination and dabbling in the occult mystical world of ancient paganism, and teaching and encouraging other to do so as well, then that would be another story.
Of course, this can never be done unless they realize and understand exactly where and to what extent they went astray in the first place, which admittedly seems like an impossible hurdle at the moment. Had they read and believed their bibles they would know it was for this type of wilful idolatry and stubborn waywardness that Israel of old was destroyed.
Unfortunately, although some may have a foreboding, and in spite of red flags, at this point there is no concrete sign Peter is even aware anything serious at all is amiss, let alone what may be the problem nor a determination to do anything about it. But things may still happen.

Most current members will claim the old mo-letters don’t have much of a bearing on the modern TFI. However in saying that they remain blind to the fact that this (occult) part of Berg’s legacy has gravely escalated and significantly become more integrated in everyday dogma (for all members, even children), something clearly evident in publications over the last 15 years and is thus more alive then ever within TFI.
Therefore, even if they may have changed a few exterior things with the reboot, the core is still all the same, but anyhow, and especially for those who have family and friends on the inside, there is in spite of it all always room for hope that this could lead to more substantial changes in the future.

This is by no means the first time these above charges have been brought against TFI here. I am aware that they are indeed serious, and namely as a supposedly christian movement, but nonetheless what is described here I believe lie at the root of most, if not all past idolatry and the spiritual morass TFI has sunk into over the years.

None of the above shall be construed as condescension or malicious intent towards any individual or group of people, in or out of TFI, nor TFI itself as an organisation. I wish merely to tell my little piece of the bigger story, things I have realized and understood to be the truth since leaving what I see as the nebulous environment of TF almost 20 years ago, and whatever anyone else can use it for must be up to each person.
I believe in getting informed, something nobody with impunity can leave in the hands of another person or ‘spiritual director’, but that that responsibility must finally rest with each and every individual. Finally, for those who have not been there, there are many very good, factual and informative articles in the tab by that name on this website, and here I would mostly recommend the section ‘Family practises and Berg’

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