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Posted by Jerry on May 12, 2013 at 00:34:05

In Reply to: Re: My impression of meeting Peter Amsterdam posted by Jerry on May 11, 2013 at 12:14:03:

So though at the time, I was totally immersed in just being ina group serving the Lord, I still felt a little resentful, that the leaders never washed dishes and never did meal prep..... their food was taken upstairs to the top floor. Peter Am,sterdam although an absolute babe, never worked, never lifted a finger to help out, but just became an instant leader, talking the talk...and so obviously never understood what it was like to take 'orders' from tyrants who never understood the grassroots work demands and forced labour.
He got daily showers at a local bath house with the rest of the leaders, whereas us 'mere disciples' were herded there only once a week.
So did I meet Peter Amsterdam.... not really, I only saw him many times, going upstairs with the leaders.
So even though in a sense, I started out this first colony in Amsterdam through my own hard earned 'forsake all' money, it went basically for the leaders and not for all of us. And even though, I stayed with the Family for years afterwards...... and already had a university degree before joining..... Peter Amsterdam types without a brain, and simply just talkers and con men, got promoted. For even in these latest videos, the long winded nothingness Peter goes through is truly brainless, just as the mind numbing repetitive letters, he and Maria and Mo before them put out.
Can you imagine, being forced to read these insanely 'say nothing' inconsistent dounble speak letters for not just two hours in the morning, but another two hours in the night before going to bed. It truly boogles the mind, the time they demanded disciples study their ridiculous supposed new directives encased as new letters that MUST BE READ. Heaven delivered us, and seems to be delivering even those today after this crazy reboot, of nothingness.

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