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Posted by Webmaster on January 13, 2005 at 02:16:33

Here are some pictures of Ricky taken from a book called The Book of Remembrance. The book was published by The Family/The Children of God and contains a chronicle of the group's history narrated by David Berg himself.

The captions under the pictures are by David Berg and referenced to the Letters they are taken from.

On one page you can see Carlos, Ricky's birth father, who was a waiter in the BelAir Hotel in Tenerife, where Berg and Zerby were staying. Ricky was born in Tenerife. These are the only pictures I have ever seen of his grandfather and grandmother. She is holding him in her arms in a rare picture.

What I find most significant is the language used in the captions. Ricky claimed to have been only "a political commodity" and a tool for publicity. He came into existence according to Berg's master plan to show the world what a perfect little 'cultist' he could create (or custom order I guess)

The picture of Carlos (his biological father) and the caption underneath are self-explanatory I think.

Can anyone help me with the page with the topless women? Sue is there and Mo is right up with Godhafi. I think this is important because it corroborates Ricky's claim to having had a really bizarre and almost impossible to explain childhood.

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Angela Smith (a.k.a. "Sue") at bottom left

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