Re: Do we want to keep Soapbox up and running?Yes, pls.

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Posted by Farmer on November 05, 2008 at 20:34:29

In Reply to: Re: Do we want to keep Soap Box up and running? posted by WC (gen. coord) on November 05, 2008 at 19:58:31:

Dear WC...that is quite touching, as I was thinking, strange, just less than a week from now, since the main goal of covering the election
has now been accomplished, we have the privilege of this "fine" board.

I was following quite fascinated all the special news coverages here in TV, though I stuck to the German channels, as I could have tuned in to CNN e.g. as well, but they had many guests, Americans & reporters or celebrities who live there & lots of life interviews, which gave me a very good impression of this happening "over there".It was touching, to see Jesse Jackson & many others after or during the Chicago speech in tears....all that & the huge burden a coloured/black/afro-american elected President now got as "inheritance" made me think, that part of the work over there & in the world in the near future is to discuss things, & for us, if for nothing else, but to stay informed as "cult-dropouts", to see where things are heading, whether that huge "steamliner" (US), as a wallstreetbroker put it, can change direction & course in time, but not immediately as he put it...Obama was wise enough to include all Americans into that huge task & I figure he will extend that to all the nations of the world...if it wouldn't work, then may be the "fascist" whites would have an easy scapegoat.

In any case I think the board should be open, if you consent...anyway more for you,the Americans, in the know of the many details, which I am less informed about & frankly also less interested I see enough trouble in the eastern hemisphere.In any case I think people have been reasonably nice to each other here, from the fraction of posts I read....& I have been on worse platforms recently, where e.g. the discussion about the inexplainable details of Haider's death got into quite some flaming arguments (well over 5000 posts on one website, only one thread, if you can imagine that)...with the result of several getting banned...they have the cute feature to automatically ignore certain posters...only reading the favourites...may be some red flag/alert system can also be a help...I don't know.I hate to make you more work than you already have...thanks for inviting the discussion here.Thank you for your work!

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