Voted Today to Raise Taxes! A rant in two-part irony

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Posted by CB on August 04, 2009 at 21:53:14

And hell yeah, it felt good! YES, I want a social safety net. YES, I want a well staffed, trained, and equipped community police that won't be as prone to corruption as one demoralized by low pay and layoffs. YES, I want the same thing in a fire department. NO, I don't want to live in some G-D gated community where private security services are covered by the homeowners association.

As for you, Joe Sixpack: Guess what? There are no free lunches! You want the benefits of a civil society, you gotta pay for it! You want the fire department to be there next time your trailer catches fire? Then to HELL with cutting taxes and government services to put money in your pocket so you can buy gas-guzzling clunkers from Detroit and plastic crap from China. I want to buy decent public services, like libraries and safe schools and police & fire protection and clean city streets without potholes, so I voted today to raise municipal taxes!

The pay-as-you-go Blue Dogs kicked some ass at the polls today. It was sooooo empowering to pull that lever for higher taxes!

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