One main reason I'm for Obama

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Posted by MG on October 03, 2008 at 08:16:17

I just listened to the Biden-Palin debate and she repeated several times one of McCain's main soundbites..."He knows how to win a war." He invariably says that if he's elected the U.S. will be "victorious" in Iraq.

Obama and Biden say they will get out the U.S. out of Iraq which the U.S. had no business going into in the first place.

Even General Petraeus does not use McCain's language of "winning" and "victory" because he knows that the U.S. could be there 100 years without achieving anything like what the word "victory" defines.

After more than 2 million Iraqis as either external or internal refugees, neighborhoods and cities ethnically cleansed, hundreds of 1,000's of civilians killed and maimed, & a population and government that does not want the U.S. army in their country, it's beyond me that anyone could boast "McCain will win the war there, he knows how to win a war."

I do have concerns about Obama and Afganistan. Things there are bad and could get worse, the difference is the fact that major European countries are involved there too, and the U.S. under Obama would not be in it alone ...Nato has brought relative stability and peace to the Balkan region. Maybe they can achieve something similar in Afganistan, without McCain-type grandstanding on "Victory this and "Victory that, nothing else will do".

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