Chinese woman-power

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Posted by Farmer on August 22, 2011 at 17:38:57

Chinese women-power

I have for a few years an subscription...I intend to get rid I sink in information : ( meanwhile...and although Spiegel-magazine is anything but friendly towards Christian faith it otherwise tries to be somewhat objective and good information costs something...although I want to pay now less for it ; )

anyway I enjoyed the interview of a female journalists with the female minister of foreign affairs of China...Funny though, that she constantly claims, that the world has got nothing to worry about...well, some neighbours like India see that a bit different...besides border clashes...China sides with Pakistan etc.

Fu Ying: That's why I say you are conceited. You really take yourself very seriously.

That's where I cracked up...LOL...that lady got guts...and I guess she's right...but who doesn't have pride?...Chinese are free from it???

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