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Posted by long time exer on May 07, 2012 at 21:42:46

In Reply to: Re: No, it's more like this cont. posted by Pastor Don on May 07, 2012 at 20:28:40:

So, are you saying you are for American society where laws against abortion would never be reinstated and where public schools were all privatized? Medical care is for pay only and charity hospitals can turn away whomever they choose to for any reason they choose to because they are privately run and government sets no rules to prevent discrimination? Restaurants can refuse to serve people because they don't like their color? Sexual harrassment is okay because a woman has to figure out whether they want to work for a pervert or not(or in some rare cases, a man)? Would you be against enforcing abstinence being taught as the sole means of birth control? (meaning you'd be for any kind of teaching as long as nothing was forced on you?) That would mean either nothing could be taught in school or everything could be taught and people could choose whether to attend or not. Would the military be disbanded because government has a big hand in that? In fact, would all taxation cease? Would we go back to the good ole wild west days? Are you an anarchist?
I don't think it is that you don't want government involved in anything. I think you have a different idea about what government should be involved in. It's okay. We think very differently and can agree to have very different viewpoints. I'd be as disgusted with a tea party run government as you would be with Obama re-elected.

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