Berg on Reagan in 1980: a malevolent spider/in 1988: America’s best pr

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Posted by MG on September 21, 2012 at 02:49:20

In Reply to: Re: Ronald Reagan and David Berg Opposites? posted by Pastor Don on September 20, 2012 at 19:34:50:

Below readers can see for themselves that Berg was pro the “religious” “Christian” Republican right, as opposed to the “party of Hell” liberal Democratic left. I think this quote should settle the argument that Berg, in spite of scores of inconsistencies, was more of a right wing conservative.

(excerpt from: THE AC CAMPAIGN TO PUT IN DUKAKIS!--An Analysis of Current American Politics! DO 2434 5/88)
20. It's funny, isn't it, that that term should be used, "Right" & "Left." The Lord used it in the Bible, that He will separate the sheep from the goats & He will put the sheep on His right hand, the goats on His left hand.--Mat.25:33. In other words, the Lord favours the Rightists, the Conservatives, & now the politicians have even gotten to where they use the same terms.
21. The Rightists are the religionists, the Conservatives, those for retaining moral values, etc. The Democrats are the Leftists, the Liberals, Communists & all for the [EDITED: "ACs"] & [DELETED] & so-called Labour & the poor. They've used all these people as dupes, puppets, because the [EDITED: "ACs"] who control the World are not numerous enough to have enough votes to vote anybody in themselves, they have to persuade millions of other people to vote the way they want them to vote. So that's what campaign is going on right now. That's how it works!
22. So you could kind of keep those terms sort of lined up & sorted out in your minds: The Republicans are the Rightists. It doesn't mean they're always right, but they are known as the Rightists or Conservatives, & at least with this presidency, they're Christians. Whereas the Democrats are known as the Leftists, the Liberals. It can kind of help you to remember if you can remember that Leftists & Liberals both begin with the same letter, & Rightists & Religionists begins with the same letter, "R," because that's the way it works. The Rightists are usually the religionists, conservatives. You've got three "R's" there, Republican, Rightist, Religious! Whereas the Democrats are Leftist, Liberals. I can't think of another word that begins with "L," but in a sense they've a little too often been the party of Hell!

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