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Posted by fh on September 29, 2013 at 13:45:42

In Reply to: Re: Personal Opinion posted by consider the truth on September 28, 2013 at 13:45:42:

You touched on a few things. The following is imo.

You are right, spirituality is confined to any particular thing. Spirituality is many things, and there is spirituality in everything. Witchcraft is spirituality and christianity has spirituality, spirituality is good and is bad.

Concerning parents leaving children alone until they are of age to decide for themselves about these important things, well, although that is a popular thing to do, to me that is to forfeit obligations as parents, never mind what one may believe.
In TF many of us did the same thing, parents literally forsook their children to communal nannies who raised them more as communists than christians, while their parents were sidelined.

As humans, we must allow for the free practise of religion, as long as we do not interfere with others’ right to practise theirs. More than that is out of our hands; and to coerce a of unity of religions under a common flag, under the pretext of some common benefit will only lead to religious, and even political tyranny, without fail. We have had it before and we will likely see it again.
It is very popular within mainstream christian groups today to attack and libel those who do not submit to ecumenism and the unifying doctrines they propose. Often those who choose to embrace divisive beliefs are lumped together with the usual muslim terrorist and/or other supposed dangerous outfits who aim to undermine all values that the secular world is based on. It is fast becoming a hate crime to be divisive in this sense.
To believe in a 6 day creation is one of those beliefs that many see as divisive, and even hateful, because they argue it goes against evidence and against science and they say leads people back to the dark ages.

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