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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is/are The Family / Children of God / Family International?
You can learn more about them: COG - 1968 to current day

Q. How does this concern me?
A. They operate using a facade of charitable organizations worldwide, and benefit from your tax dollars (see The FCF - COG connection). Family units use most of your donations for their own living expenses, while hiding their true identity, secret beliefs and notorious past/present practices such as child sexual abuse, prostitution, production and dissemination of hate literature.

Q. Is this site encouraging religious persecution?
No. We believe in freedom of religion, except when it is harmful to people. This group has had a history of being harmful to its adherents and their offspring, as well as the unsuspecting public. The Family/COG has encouraged child-adult sex, required its members to prostitute themselves, and published racial hate literature while showing the public a peaceful loving facade.

Q. Why is the information on this site more "truthful and accurate"?
We own this information and know it intimately because we are a part of its history. We do not white-wash -- we tell you what The Family won't tell you about themselves in their official spins. Our information is provided by insiders, primary source witnesses, investigators and experts. Research and discussion is facilitated by unsanitized documents produced by the group, related articles, and firsthand witness testimonies.

Q. How do I get directly to the genX board without clicking my way from the start page?
Use this URL: genx.exfamily.org

Q. Will we be able to read every one of those Mo letters in your index?
We are working on getting key Mo letters, other publications and accompanying commentaries online. We are adding to the list almost daily.

Any more questions? Please direct your questions if any, to the webmaster.

Our Policies

Mission Statement

exFamily.org is supported by a group of volunteers and has a threefold purpose:
  1. To be a dynamic resource of information about The Family (a.k.a. Children of God and other pseudonyms)
  2. To provide tools which enable convenient access to that information
  3. To help current and ex members to process their past to move on and create their future
Your privacy on exFamily.org

We want you to feel secure when visiting our site and are committed to maintaining your privacy. We want to be upfront with the different standard mechanisms in place that may interest you in regards to your information. You should be aware of the two types of information related to your visit that may be available to exFamily.org
How do we use the information we do collect?
We may occasionally routinely monitor log data (indirect impersonal information) to see how users enter our site, how they navigate through the site, and what information was of interest to them... to determine what is most effective about our site... to determine how we can tailor exFamily.org to make its use more effective.
Advisory & Policy on Naming Names

The short version

Generally speaking, it is advisable to use only biblical names and not mix them up with legal names. Exceptions are when the person named is a public figure or high-ranking member of the Family and there is a need for the public to know, and/or when individuals with firsthand knowledge or experience of a criminal incident wish to make known their accusations which can hold up in court...

The detailed version
The purpose of our site makes the naming of names a necessity. In order for the documentation of events and criminal incidents to be credible and researchable, the time, place and names of those involved must be mentioned. exFamily.org therefore allows the naming of names according to the following rules.

Urgent Requests

There are no urgent requests at the moment...

Other Requests:
We are looking for ex-member volunteers who can help us document the history of The Family, using the framework already set up in the history section. Please contact our projects department if you can help with this. exFamily.org provides a framework for information and resources which you can add to.

Do you have ideas and suggestions for this site? Or would you like to help with documentation projects such as typing out Mo letters and GNs, or writing commentaries, contributing helpful articles, or defining insider jargon in our glossary, etc.? Please contact our projects department.

Regarding complaints, layout, spelling and grammatical errors, please contact the webmaster.

Surveys and Polls

... This section is on a back burner for now...


This site may contain material unsuitable for minors.

The articles contained within this web site are provided without profit by exFamily.org and are intended to be available to anyone interested in the topics included—for educational purposes only.

The information was posted to offer the public a resource primarily concerning the Children of God a.k.a. Family of Love a.k.a. The Family, one of the many controversial and potentially unsafe groups often referred to as 'cults'.

exFamily.org does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed in these articles unless authorship is specifically attributed to exFamily.org staff writing in an official capacity.

The quotation of David Berg and material by the Family/FOL/COG may include racist propaganda, harsh demeaning terms, perverse sexual topics, illegal activities and various other directives and views which we do not in any form endorse...
Please see exFamily.org Policies & Disclaimer for the full text and address your queries or concerns if any, to the webmaster.

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