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The front cover of the Mo Letter

A Mo Letter, by Moses David.
printed by World Services: March 1980, Zurich, Switzerland...
Pgs. 6657-6663. DFO 0880 29 February 1980

This Mo Letter was inspired by the murder of a young woman who had left the Family fulltime. She, her husband and children returned to the states. She was brutally murdered. Another IRFer (non-tithing, reporting member) wrote the Family asking them to help the family. This Mo Letter records Father David's first impression of the situation.

From a Kansas City Newspaper
See scans of original Newspaper clippings (page 6657)
  A 26 - year - old mother of three was found stabbed to death Wednesday morning in her Lenexa apartment.
  The body of Mrs. [D. H.] was discovered about 10:30 a.m. in the Oak Park Apartments at 95th and Halsey. Her children also were in the apartment.
  The Lenexa police have no motive or suspect in the slaying and have asked the Metro Squad for assistance.
  The police said that Mrs. [D. H.]ís mother, [T. P.] of [--------] had spoken to her daughter on the phone about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. Mrs. [T. P.] stopped by to see her daughter and found her in one of the apartmentís two bedrooms.
  Mrs.[D. H.] had been stabbed several times, the police said.   Her husband [K. H.], was at work at the Mid America Container Corp. in [-------], the police said.
  The three [...] children were taken in by neighbors [...], after the slaying. [The neighbours]. said one of Mrs. [D. H.]ís two young sons told her he thought ďhis mother was tired and didnít feel well and was lying down.Ē
  One of Mrs. [D. H.]ís greatest delights was her daughter, [...], who was born in October, [the neighbours] said.
  ďShe was tickled to death to have a little girl. She had wanted a girl so bad,Ē [one of the neighbours] said.
   Mrs. [D. H.] was a cautious person, [one the neighbours] said, noting that her neighbor always locked her door, even if she just ran out to get the mail. Police said there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment.

From Kansas City Newspaper See scans of original Newspaper clippings (page 6657)
(Editor's note: The Family censored the address of the murderer to protect his privacy, while exposing the victims completely!)
  A 34 - year - old Lenexa man was accused Saturday of stabbing a female neighbor to death last week.
  Ronald Dean Churchill of XXXXXXXX was charged with first - degree murder in the death of Mrs.
[D. H.], 26, of the Oak Park Apartments at XXXXXXXX. Johnson County District Court Judge Buford H. Shankel set bail at $200,000.
  Police said Churchill did not resist when he was arrested about 1 a.m. in his apartment, which is on the first floor in the same building in which the victim lived.
  Police said a knife was confiscated during the arrest.
[D. H.]ís body, bearing multiple stab wounds, was found Wednesday morning in her second floor apartment by her mother, Mrs. [T. P.].
  Churchill, who was remanded to the Johnson County Jail in Olathe, will appear in court Monday for scheduling of a preliminary hearing, Shankel said.
[D. H.]ís three young children, who were in the apartment when Mrs. [T. P.] arrived, were not injured and are staying with relatives. Mrs. [D. H.]ís husband, [K. H.], was working Wednesday morning at the Mid - America Container Corp. in Lenexa.


  1. WHEN I WAS A KID & there was a fire or somebody died or something, the whole community took up an offering for them. So I think the local Family should always take up an offering for emergencies like that. (Maria: How much? How local? Like just the people in that area?) Yes, the people in that many people as know about it, could be all the people in that county, state or country - or anyone in the World who wants to help.
  2. (MARIA: THEY WERE WONDERING IF YOU HAD ANY THOUGHT OF WHY IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, because the family was a real sweet family & they were really trying to serve the Lord, & everybody was really shocked, you know, that that would have happened.) Well, weíd have to know all the facts, Honey. — And maybe nobody knows them but her!
  3. ONE THING WE DONíT WANT TO DO is give people the idea that our Family is some kind of welfare state thatís going to pay their rent or take care of them whenever theyíre hard up. We just havenít got it, unless we start the Family Aid Fund. Even then our help would be very small. Weíre not an insurance company.
  4. DO THEY KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED? (Maria: No, they donít know why.) Was she raped? (Maria: I donít know.) Was he black or white or what? (Maria: The newspaper article didnít say, & the boy that wrote us just said they think they found the guy now — letís hope so. But I didnít see that there was any motive at all.)
  5. MAYBE IT WAS SOME JEALOUS FISH SHE WAS FFING OR AN OLD BOYFRIEND. (Maria: I donít know. He said they were sweet kids & really loved the Lord.) Well, praise the Lord, maybe thatís why the Lord took her home. I mean, death isnít the worst thing in the world. (Maria: I know, but she left her three little children & the poor boy, you know.) Well, he should be able to get lots of other girls. (Maria: I hope so.) see Commentary
  6. ABOUT THIS APPEAL BY THE IRFers TO HELP THE WIDOWER: They were appealing for help as though we should help him financially. But in praying about it, the verse came to me that weíre to ďhelp them which are widow indeedĒ, those who have no one to help them, no other family at all. ďThe elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity. Honour widows that are widows indeed. But if any widow have children or nephews, let them learn first to shew piety at home, & to requite their parents: For that is good & acceptable before God. If any man or woman that believeth have widows, let them relive them, & let not the church be charged; that it may relieve them that are widows indeed. (1 Tim. 5: 3, 16.)
  7. THE SCRIPTURE VERY CLEARLY STATES that those who have widows who need help but have plenty of relatives to help them, those relatives are the ones who are supposed to take care of them. The Church or the Family has no obligation except to pray for them & love them & do what we can, & we certainly will do that - - & we sympathise with them in their loss.
  8. BUT THEYíVE BOTH OBVIOUSLY GOT A NUMBER OF RELATIVES & sheís apparently got quite a family in the vicinity: 2 brothers, 3 sisters & both parents still living, who Iím sure have done their best to take care of the children & the poor widower. He & the kids are now staying with them, according to the letter. Heís gone back to stay with her parents in Kansas, so theyíve plenty of relatives there — which may explain why theyíre IRFers & back in the States. see Commentary
  9. THE LORD DOESNíT LET THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN UNLESS THEREíS A GOOD REASON. (Maria: They werenít fulltimers?) No, he obviously had a good System job, & they make good money in the States. — So why is he only an IRFer? see Commentary
  10. THEY OBVIOUSLY WERENíT WHOLE - HEARTED OR TOTALLY SOLD OUT FOR THE LORD, or he could at least have been tithing. - — e had a good job, but was only an IRFer, not a tither. If they had at least been tithing or serving the Lord fulltime, they would have been more in the will of God, you know that. But obviously theyíd taken an apartment near her relatives & gone back to System work & were only IRFing, only sending very little a month for the Lordís work.
  11. (MARIA: YOU MEAN THE LORD TOOK A COLLECTION, HUH?) Yes! — And the relatives have even thoughtfully established a Memorial Fund for her, to have folks send in money to help her little family, so theyíve got plenty of help & plenty of relatives to help. — So thereís no point in our trying to take money from out of the poor fulltime missionariesí mouths who really need it, & their children, , & are serving the Lord fulltime, to send to some backslider because his wife got killed! (Luke 9:62 — Theyíd left the field!) see Commentary
  12. IíM SO CONVICED OF THE JUSTICE & FAIRNESS & GOODNESS & MERCY & LOVE OF GOD, that I know good & well that a thing like that will not happen unless thereís mighty good reason for it! So! In the first place, the murderer didnít even have to break into the apartment, according to the police! She apparently knew him well enough to let him in, & he lived on the first floor of the same apartment building! see Commentary
  13. THEY GOT THE GUY RIGHT AWAY & EVEN THE KNIFE, so probably the older boy, 3 years old, told them who he was & where he lived! Look at Davida: Sheís a 3 - year old & plenty smart, & she could easily have told the name of a known visitor who had been there & come in, probably a friend or neighbour they knew well, so thatís possibly why they got him immediately at 1 AM that next week! That was pretty quick, so they must have been pretty sure who it was.
  14. PROBABLY THE LITTLE BOY TOLD THE POLICE WHO IT WAS that had just been there when his mom was killed. A little kid like that is smart enough to know where the guy lives & his name, if the guy was a known neighbour & previous visitor & she voluntarily let him in! Thatís probably how they got him — how else?
  15. AND BESIDES, IF HE WAS JUST GOING TO RAPE HER, why would anybody in our Family resist to the point of getting stabbed to death, if they had read & obeyed the Letters? She must have resisted, so why would she have resisted? see Commentary
  16. I HAVE ADVISED, & EVEN THE POLICE COMISSIONER OF NEW YORK HAS ADVISED, that in case of a rape, unless you want to die for your so - called honour & chastity or pure pride, if you want to live & survive, the smartest thing to do in a rape is to just be friendly & cooperative so he does not even have to rape you, much less kill you! She must have resisted, so she was disobeying the Letters right there. Why else would he have stabbed her if she didnít resist? — Right? — Unless jealous.
  17. AND THAT HUSBAND IS SUFFERING, TOO PROBABLY FOR LETTING THEM BOTH GET OUT OF THE WILL OF GOD! They went back home & quit the mission field & he was working at a System job & not tithing, so! And hereís a guy, a TRFer friend who is begging for us to help him, pleading so pitifully & all this. But obviously he doesnít seem to see the problem. see Commentary
  18. WHY WOULD ANYBODY BE BACK IN THE UNITED STATES, REALLY? (Maria: Besides, weíve got oodles of backslidden families in the U.S. who could help them, if they want anybody to help them, that have good jobs & lots of money & who are all there with their congregated families. Some of them are IRFers, but a lot of them are just plain backslider!) Yes, after all weíve said on the subject!
  19. SOMETIMES I WONDER IF I SHOULD HAVE ENCOURAGED SOME OF THEM TO GO HOME AT ALL & TAKE JOBS ETC. But when I prayed about that, I got Gideon — thatís what Gideon did! He sent everybody home but the very sold - out! ĖAnybody who was afraid & didnít want to go into the battle, he told them to go home. He didnít scold them — he just sent them home. (Maria: Yes, because then they canít blame it on the Lord, can they? You know, ďOh dear! Weíre starving out here!Ē)
  20. GIDEON ALSO SENT HOME THOSE WHO REALLY DIDNíT HAVE THEIR MIND & WHOLE HEART BENT ON THE BATTLE & werenít really rariní to go, but were slow & slothful & lazy & just flopped down on their bellies to suck the water out of the river, he sent them home too because he saw they didnít really have their heart in the battle. They were just indulging & pampering the flesh, & the battle wasnít their primary concern.
  21. SO I SENT THE HALF - HEARTED & FAINT - HEARTED HOME LIKFE GIDEON DID! I think we now just have the cream of the crop left on the field, & the rest of them went home. Well, Gideonís band was from that same nation or Family, so to speak, & after he won the victory the rest probably all came out to applaud & help support his army, but they just werenít real Gideon battle stuff, thatís all! see Commentary
  22. SO WHEN THEY GO HOME & LEAVE A FULL - TIME SERVICE FOR THE LORD & STILL WONíT EVEN TITHE, there must be something wrong with them spiritually. They probably reaped whatever they sowed. Godís Word says you reap what you sow. Who knows? God does! Maybe that wife persuaded her husband to leave the field theyíd been on for four years in South American, & sheís probably now reaped what she sowed! Maybe she resisted FFing & wouldnít let the guy fuck her, so she drove him to rape & murder! see Commentary
  23. LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO HIM! — LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO THE POOR MURDERER! She not only lost her life, but heís probably going to lose his because she resisted! (Maria: Rapeís a small price to pay for your lives!) People have such set System opinions about things like this happening! They donít see the real underlying reasons why God allows things to happen & why people reap what they sow! see Commentary
  24. IíM SO UTTERLY CONVINCED OF THE LOVE & MERCY & JUSTICE & LONGSUFFERING OF GOD, THAT I KNOW WHATEVER HAPPENS IS WHAT OUGHT TO HAPPEN OR WHAT GOD ALLOWS TO HAPPEN FOR A REASON! Thereís some reason for it! — And if she wasnít guilty, then maybe she died as a martyr. — But why would he have to stab her if she wasnít resisting? — And why were they working there at a good job in the States & not tithing? Obviously they were not doing their best for the Lord!
  25. THEY WERE LIVING THERE NEAR HER PARENTS & RELATIVES, a whole big family there that she probably went back to. He may have been a precious brother, but maybe he was a weak sister that couldn't stand up to his wife. Those U.S. gals have strong wills! He probably yielded to her, & thatís why they were there. She is the one that got it, so sheís the one who must have been guilty — right? (Maria: I guess so.) see Commentary
  26. THE LORD MAY HAVE KNOWN SHE WASNíT GOING TO BE A GOOD MOTHER FOR THOSE KIDS. If she was a backslider & went & made him leave the field & not serve the Lord & not tithe, which is so often what a woman does, the Lord may have just removed her so He could find somebody else to raise the kids for the Lord.
  27. THEY MUSTíVE BEEN DISOBEDIENT & REBELLIOUS & SELFISH, OR THEY WOULD HAVE AT LEAST BEEN TITHING OR SERVING THE LORD FULLTIME, ONE OR THE OTHER! ĖAnd since they werenít doing either, but obviously just giving the bare minimum to get only the DFO Magazine, I donít think thatís much of a credit to some of our former missionaries! I like them to get the Word & I hope it helps them, but I hope it helps them to serve the Lord, or do their best to help others serve Him! see Commentary
  28. SO IT LOOKS TO ME MORE LIKE SHE MAY HAVE REAPED WHAT SHE SOWED & got what she deserved, rather than died as a martyr. The Lord may have delivered those kids from such a mother, & if so, Heíll certainly try to find somebody that will raise them now as they shouldíve been & cooperate with the father to serve the Lord & raise them for the Lord! For how could they raise them for the Lord with all those American Systemite relatives living all around them & not tithing? see Commentary
  29. THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY, & IíD LIKE TO HEAR THAT SIDE — THE WHOLE STORY! Who were they & what was their history exactly. — And whoís this sad TRFer who writes us this tear - jerker letter trying to get help for them? — My God, theyíve already got oodles of relatives with a bank account that have even advertised in the newspaper for folks to make donations to them! It doesnít look to me like they need our help except to pray for them — pray for the poor father & the little survivors!
  30. THE GIRL MAYíVE BEEN SAVED BUT DISOBEDIENT & REBELLIOUS, so we trust she went to be with the Lord. If so, Iím sure she sees her mistakes now. Obviously the Lord didnít want her in the shape she was in to raise those kids, or He wouldnít have let her be taken away. God could have prevented it! — But He didnít. So it must have been His will.
  31. IíM CONVINCED THAT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS GODíS WILL IN SOME WAY OR THE OTHER! So Godís dealing with the parents or the relatives or the husband or the children, & God certainly dealt with her! So thatís the way I feel about it. I suppose weíd hardly dare publish a thing like this, because people will think me horrendously cruel & unfeeling & unloving & unmerciful! — But it could be the truth! see Commentary
  32. YOU NOTICE HE DIDNíT SAY A WORD ABOUT WHAT KIND OF CHRISTIAN SHE WAS. He just said the father was a precious brother, which is probably why the Lord saved him & the children! The guy could have killed the whole family if the father had come home right then! If he used a knife on the wife, if the husband had come home just as he was leaving, he would have probably killed him too, & then the kids to shut them up! Itís probably that oldest boy that led the police to the culprit! — Thank God! see Commentary
  33. SO WE CAN CERTAINLY SEND OUR SYMPATHIES TO THE BOY, but we donít know a thing about her. (Maria: In the FN we could ask for our Family to please pray for the father & children.) Yes, of course! — For him & the children who are bereaved. We should certainly extend our sincerest sympathies.
  34. BUT I JUST KNOW THAT GOD IS GOOD & He wouldnít have let it happen unless for some reason or another she deserved it, or if it was to glorify God. But to die the way she did, I donít see any particular glorification of God, because how could she have dies as a martyr? - - How could she have died as a witeness? Her death didnít seem like any kind of a witness or a martyrdom by persecution, as far as weíve been able to see so far. — Maybe it was a serious warning to others like them! see Commentary
  35. IíD LIKE TO HEAR MORE OF THEIR WHOLE STORY FROM HER HUSBAND. I would like to hear his honest story, their real history of their service for the Lord, & why they left their field. (Maria: Well, if we put this in, we will probably get an honest story from some people!) Iíd like to get an honest story from the people who knew & worked with them. Were they truly dedicated?
  36. HOW COULD THEY BE TRULY FULLY DEDICATED WHEN THEY WERENíT EVEN TITHING? They had been serving the Lord, but gone back. — Were they backslidden? Why werenít they serving the Lord fulltime on the field any longer? They got the letters! see Commentary
  37. BOY I TELL YOU, THOSE IRFers ARE DANGER! — They hear the Word, but are not doers also! They could tithe — anybody can tithe! But they donít! Even if they donít want to or canít serve the Lord fulltime themselves for some reason, they could at least tithe! — Itís one or the other! Either youíve got some real reason why you canít, why itís impossible in some way or you just wonít, youíre not willing to make the sacrifice - & yet you get the Word all the time! — Thatís dangerous!
  38. THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS TITHE & HELP SUPPORT THE FIELD & THE WORK. But if you are not even willing to do that & still are reading the Magazine, you must read the Magazine with horrible conviction! How can you stand to even read the Word & not want the Words, when you are not even willing to tithe! Thatís what I donít understand! (Maria: Unless they are just doing it to be critical & find fault.) Well, thatís what Jesusí bitter enemies, the Pharisees did — they hung around Jesus all the time to hear what He had to say, just to have something to accuse Him of. see Commentary
  39. A LOT OF OUR IRFers IíM SURE KNOW THEYíRE OUT OF GODíS WILL & theyíre poor, sad lost stray sheep or stubborn goats, yet they are just consumed with curiosity about whatís still going on, & want to hear the latest news & scandal & discuss it! — After all, it was a part of their life for years! — Itís hard to forget or get away from. see Commentary (Maria: But thereís one thing about it that has really been worthwhile:
  40. (BECAUSE OF THE LETTERS & THE LORDíS DEALINGS, A LOT OF THE IRFers HAVE TURNED TO TRFING OR SERVING AGAIN!) Yes, they go under conviction through the reading of the Magazine & the Letters, thank God & they have come back to being TRFers again or for the first time! — And some of them have even come back into fulltime service because they kept getting the Word & they got under conviction & were provoked to jealousy if nothing else! It really got under their skin! see Commentary
  41. WHO KNOWS? MAYBE SHE WAS VERY REBELLIOUS, for obviously she resisted rape or the rapist or the criminal murderer in some way, whatever he was. — Or why else would he have had to kill her? — I mean there would have to be some motive, some motive! He either was bent on revenge or rape or robbery. You just donít go into somebodyís apartment as a friend who knows you & who lets you in without having to break in, unless youíre there for some reason, & you donít stab them to death unless itís for some reason. So! My guess may be a very wrong guess, but Iím just saying itís a probability. — And my Spirit - led guesses have been pretty right in these problem cases!
  42. MAYBE SHE WAS VERY REBELLIOUS & very stubborn & refused to let her husband serve the Lord or tithe & bring up her children in the Family. There must be some reason the Lord removed her, or let her be removed! God was apparently more concerned about the children than He was her! — It may have been a case of a rebellious stubborn rebel parent! Thatís what I wrote about in that ďWho Are The Rebels?Ē ( No. E.) Weíve got quite a few rebels in the Family today — or ex - rebels — or ex - Family. Not ex - rebels but ex - Family rebellious backsliders! see Commentary
  43. SO YOU COULD CERTAINLY UNDERSTAND WHY GOD LET IT HAPPEN if she was a rebellious stubborn backslider who was determined to go home & stay home, & would not let her husband serve the Lord or tithe, & wasnít rearing her children as she should! Ė How could she rear her children properly if she was that way? There mayíve been quite a few good motives for the Lord letting it happen!
  44. I ALMOST FEEL SORRY FOR THE POOR MURDERER! — The poor guy who did it! His life is ruined now! Who knows! Maybe she started to FF him & let him on, & then backed out at the last minute! When a guy gets that far along, as far as the bed, itís pretty hard to stop! Now, instead of having wooed him & won him & loved him & gotten him into the Kingdom, sheís ruined him! — Even if she didnít want to fuck, she could have gone ahead anyhow & still forgiven him — really shown him the love & forgiveness of God - - & it might have saved him! But who knows? Ė Maybe now she has damned him! How horrible! see Commentary
  45. I TELL YOU, WHEN YOU DONíT GIVE, GOD TAKES A COLLECTION! If she wasnít willing to give her life or her time or her money or her children or her husband or her love or her body to the Lord for His service, it looks like God took a collection & she lost it all! — She lost everything she went home for, & died a tragic death! I could almost bet my bottom dollar she was a backslider at heart!
  46. I JUST DONíT BELIEVE GOD WOULD LET A THING LIKE THAT HAPPEN to one of His absolutely dedicated whole - hearted 100% fulltime servants or handmaidens — if they were serving the Lord fulltime sincerely, or doing the best they canto give to help support Godís work! I donít believe He would let it happen unless they die witnessing as a result of persecution as a martyr! Ė And their death then is a witness — thatís why theyíre called martyrs. — Martyr means witness! see Commentary
  47. WHAT KIND OF A WITNESS WAS HER DEATH? — Well, something may come out of it yet to show us that it was a witness, weíll see. Maybe in his trial something will come out, I donít know. I donít know the case at all, donít know the whole history, but Iím just saying thatís how I feel about it. I just donít believe God lets things like that happen without a reason — nothing - - & without a motive!
  48. BACKSLIDERS BEWARE! IRFers BEWARE! YOU IRFers are obviously not whole - hearted or you would be tithing or serving the Lord fulltime! — The Lord says, ďI would that ye were hot or cold, but because ye are lukewarmĒ you make Me sick at My stomach & ďI will spue you out of My mouth!Ē (Rev.3:15 & 16.) — And thatís about where some of you IRFers are, sad to say!
  49. HOW COULD YOU GET THE MAGAZINE & STILL BE UNWILLING TO TITHE when you see the needs of all these poor missionaries & their poor little children still slaving away for others on fields some of you IRFers deserted! — How could you resist tithing & giving to the Lord? — How could you do it! — Huh? How could you give the bare minimum just to get the latest news? Youíre not even interested to get the real inside new, the DO news — not interested enough to give just a little more & tithe! You just want to get the bare news, the least news, the minimum news, so you only give the minimum!
  50. I WARN YOU, SOMETIMES WHEN YOUíRE NOT WILLING TO GIVE THE MINIMUM, GOD COLLECTS THE MAXIMUM! When people arenít willing to give 10%, Iíve seen Him collect 100%, time & time again! Ė From people who werenít really willing to give all to the Lord. The Word says to ďforsake all & follow HimĒ (Lk. 9:23 & 24; 14:33.) But some of you wonít even forsake 10%! Think of it! see Commentary
  51. I KNOW GOD WOULDNíT HAVE LET IT HAPPEN UNLESS THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG IN HER LIFE OR HIS — most likely hers, because sheís the one that got it, & heís left with the children! He can pick up & go on & maybe get another wife who will encourage him to serve the Lord — at least give & tithe to the Lord, so that others may serve the Lord.
  52. IT MAY TURN OUT TO BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HIM! Maybe the Lord rid him of a willful rebellious selfish stubborn cantankerous wife! They say heís a precious brother, but they didnít say a word about the wife. — She was living there in the same town with all those relatives, & if I know most System relatives, they probably werenít encouraging her to serve the Lord!
  53. THEY OBVIOUSLY WERENíT CAMPING OUT! Of course, Kansas is a bad place to camp out this time of year. He obviously had a good job with a big corporation, but wasnít tithing. — Why not? — He only had a wife & three children. God never let anybody get hurt by giving or tithing! The Lord just wonít let you suffer for it! He may let you think youíre going to sacrifice & suffer for it & that itís hard, but Heíll always more than repay! see Commentary
  54. LIKE WHEN WE DECIDED TO GIVE THE LIMs 50% OF THE INCOME FROM BILINGUAL HOMES to help them get going, we thought it was going to hurt our WS income. I kept waiting month after month to see our WS income go down as we shared more with the LIMs. But instead, itís gone up! The Lord made it a blessing instead of a burden! You just canít outgive God, thatís all there is to it!
  55. TO ďJUDGE A MATTER BEFORE YOU HEAR ITĒ (Prov. 18:13) OR THE WHOLE THING, IS REALLY NOT FAIR & NOT WISE. — But thatís my first reaction on what little Iíve heard about it, & you wanted to know what I thought about it, so thatís what I think about it! — Maybe you wish you hadnít!
  56. I KNOW ONE THING FOR SURE: As sure as Iím sitting here, & as sure as thereís God & Eternity, God allowed it to happen for a good reason! — Maybe as a warning to you! He is a God of love, a good God of love & mercy & patience. So if her death doesnít turn out to be some kind of a good testimony like a witness or a martyr, then she must have gotten what she deserved because she withheld from the Lord! see Commentary
  57. THE LORD MAY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SAVE THOSE DEAR LITTLE KIDS FROM SUCH A DISOBEDIENT BACKSLIDDEN HALF - HEARTED MOTHER! But she wasnít even half - hearted, they werenít even 10% - hearted, they were not even tithers! (Maria: Yes, itís a long way from 10% to a 100%!) Yes, it sure is! So even the tithers are getting by with mighty little, considering they should be giving their whole lives & everything theyíve got & their families & their wives & their children & everything for the Lord fulltime! see Commentary
  58. GOD IS A VERY JUST GOD & VERY MERCIFUL & LOVING. BUT I TELL YOU, HE CAN CRACK DOWN if you make Him mad enough, especially if youíre withholding from Him! Look how Ananias & Sapphira died on the spot, were struck dead for lying to the Holy Spirit & holding back just a part of the money! (Acts 5:1 - 11.) So that is the way I feel about it. But of course to be fair, Iíd have to hear the whole story, their history & the testimony of friends & members of the Family that knew them, to know why — really why.
  59. AND IF WE PUBLISH THIS MY FIRST REACTION, WEíLL PROBABLY GET IT! Weíll probably hear from them! Iím just saying, I donít know that this is the case. I have no way of knowing, except when I prayed about it, the Lord said: ďHelp those that are widows indeedĒ. (1 Tim. 5:16.) Heís got relatives & sheís got relatives who certainly help him & the children, so I donít think theyíre going to suffer. Of course heís bereaved & heís sad, Iím sure. But who knows? — Maybe heís relieved! And she certainly was! PTL! ďAnd we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.Ē (Rom. 8:28) see Commentary
  60. FOR TO ME TO LIVE IS CHRIST, & TO DIE IS GAIN.Ē ďThen said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, & take up his cross, & follow Me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: And whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it.Ē ďThen Jesus beholding him loved him, & said unto him, One thing thou lackest: Go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, & give to the poor, & thou shalt have treasure in Heaven: And come, take up the cross, & follow Me.Ē ďAnd he that taketh not his cross, & followeth after Me, is not worthy of Me.Ē (Phi. 1:21, Mt. 16:24 & 25, Mk. 10:21, Mt. 10:38.) see Commentary

Newspaper clipping with Berg's scribblings:

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