Introduction and Commentary

This Mo Letter represented the cornerstone for anybody wanting to get rid of an 'old wife' and pick out a younger one. In "The Devil Hates Sex" Berg spells that out in even clearer ways, without using King James' English. For the most part these issues in the COG were heavily gendered. Currently the so-called inter-generational sharing provides a new and revised version for that. These "May-December" relationships in the COG are mostly first generation male with SGA female and not vice versa. This does not seem 'revolutionary' at all.

This letter was often relied upon to keep upstarts in line. Used it over and over as a tool to convince wives to be loyal to their husbands and not act like the 'old church'. Husbands could accuse wives of being a 'Mother Eve' whenever they would question or doubt. Such words were often used to induce guilt. It was very effective, and caused difficulties for many women.

There seems to be a coded indication here of an incestual relationship between Berg and his daughter Faithy. In the word of his other daughter daughter Deborah Davis regarding paragraphs 18 - 19:
"Even then my father's prophecies were steeped in perverse, sexual verbiage. His subtle innuendo of incest—the phrase "they lie not with me in the bed of love"—was a direct reference to me.

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