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The Family/Children of God

Articles and Witness Accounts

By Ex-members

Eye-witness testimonies, featured articles, articles of interest, classes/studies, satire, fiction, firsthand accounts written by people who were once on the inside....

About Family practices and Berg:

The Family involved in Filipino Politics:

Satire - when fiction imitates real life:

(WARNING: material may be considered offensive)


Moving On - Life After the COG:

Mo Letters with commentaries

We have about more than 4000 Mo Letters online, of which a few hundred have been restored to their unsanitized, uncensored state for your research. You can access them through our complete Mo Letter list Below is a list of ML's with accompanying commentarie:

By "Outsiders" on The Family/COG experts, analysts and observers:

By Current Members

Take a peek inside the inner workings of the group, with a collection of rare special articles by current members who dare to speak out.
  • Maria Refuses - letters by young adult members to Maria (Karen Zerby) and her responses, or lack of...

About other NRMs/"cults"

Other NRMs (New Religious Movements) as many would prefer to be called. The COG may not be as original as its proponents suggest! Many groups share similar claims and common doctrinal ground. The Hare Krishnas, Scientologists, Moonies and other obscure NROs, practice similar methodology.

Articles About Healing and Recovery

Helpful topics specifically dedicated to helping ex-members to move on...

Miracles and Testimonies

The brighter side... for those who have come away believing miracles do happen... Ex-members may have more than gloom and doom stories to tell. Many have inspiring personal testimonies of faith and miracles to share, or even just some great lessons or interesting anecdotes to tell us about...
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Miscellaneous Articles

The other articles... those that do not fit anywhere else above.

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