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Internal publications and secret directives

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**COG/Family publications were ordered purged in 1991 & 1996 (see "The Pubs Purge")

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Children of God Publications
The Family's founder Berg was one of the most prolific writers. He told his followers, "the pen is mightier than the sword." His writings were collected in a corpus of printed letters (called Mo Letters [after his adopted name, Moses David]) and distributed to his followers and supporters. By his death in 1994, he had produced at least 3000 of these Mo Letters and numerous other works.

Following in his steps, The Family continues to produce 1000s of documents every year online and in print. Many of these show the discrepancy between The Family's true insider beliefs and practices vs. their PR facade to the outside world. Researchers have remarked about their extensive and candid insider publications, making Berg and The Family ideal subjects for such cult & mind control study and analysis.

Secret Publications:
Many of The Children of God/The Family's writings were registered under different pseudonyms such as "World Services," and most were designated DO (Disciples Only) status—intended for internal use only, in keeping with the group's "deceivers yet true" philosophy. The majority of these secret publications were only made available to public view in the 1990s through defectors, police raids, court subpoenas, and journalistic investigations. When authorities in a number of countries were able to take legal action against the group using their own writings, the group decided to "recall" and sanitize Berg's more controversial writings (see "The Pubs Purge"). It is worth noting that none of these controversial doctrines were geninely recanted but rather hidden, especially in the initial years of The Family's damage control.

Main Index and Lists
Numbering protocols
The first Mo Letters were numbered alphabetically A - 0, but abandoned for a numerical system, which went up to about 3000 by the time of Berg's death. The Family continued to publish previously unreleased writings of Berg, and current leader Maria (Karen Zerby) continued to publish her own writings which were also designated Mo Letter numbers. These publications by Maria were released in GN's (Good News Magazines), and later designated a GN numbering system. Like the Mo Letters, they were collected in Mo Letter volumes. Thus, a latest publication may be numbered ML#3201, Maria#447 and GN#804 simultaneously, and collected in Vol. 25.
The above index includes not only the infamous Mo Letters, but GNs (Good News Magazines), FSMs (Family Special Magazines, and numerous other categories of pubs which contain writings of their current day leaders.

The Family's has produced many categories of publications such as: FFing Testimonies, Heaven's Girl, New Wine, LinkUP, Grapevine, XN, END, Heaven's Library, Heaven's Library Book, Blade, Eve, Kidland, International Prayer, Prayer List, FAR, Reflections, Mountain Streams, Tracts, CLTP, HTK, Endtime Power, MLK, Kidz Biz, FC Pub, Activated!, Word Basics, Memory Book, Preparatory Meetings, 12 Foundation Stones, Activated!, Meditation Moments, Wine Press, Living Waters, Statements, Good Thots, Daily Food, CAT Studies, Activated Books, Posters, Christian Digest, FBH, Family in action, BÝblia do Tempo do Fim, CAEC GP Kids books, Kids, Free Zine ... We hope to bring you documentation of these soon.

The Mo Letters
Founder Berg's writings were collected in a corpus of printed letters (called Mo Letters [after his adopted name, Moses David]) to his followers and supporters. By his death in 1994, he had produced at least 3000 of these Mo Letters. Most of them were collected and reprinted in Hong Kong, in several leather bound volumes. has included commentaries with some Mo Letters: As a condition for winning a landmark court case, The Family quietly acknowledged wrongdoing on Berg's part for literature which endorsed adult-child sex (see Peter Amsterdam's Admission of Guilt). In the opinions of many who have been hurt by the group, the Mo Letters could be credited for promoting much more - child pornography, prostitution, adultery, libel, abandonment, kidnapping (re: unresolved custody disputes), larceny, obstruction of justice and political meddling ...

The extent of control Berg continues to wield on his followers from beyond the grave, and the thought control mechanisms employed in his writings continue to be of interest to psychologists and researchers.

The GNs - Good News Magazines
Started in the 80s, these GN magazines originally contained a collection of Mo Letters and other articles. In current day publications, GNs contain letters by leader Mama Maria (Karen Zerby), and other leaders such as Peter Amsterdam (Steve Kelly). Just as the Mo Letters, GNs are sometimes classified GP or DO, the latter being "disciples only" and for internal use.

These DO writings are particularly interesting to researchers of New Religious Movements, and to those who have loved ones or relatives within the group. The Family's leadership continues to teach strange new doctrines, enact controversial policies, and demand the sacrifices of its adherents - practices it would prefer to leave unexposed.

Booklets and Small Publications
Small pubs are dear to The Family. Since it's beginning in the early 60s, The Family has produced small publications for its internal use. It began with such pubs as the Set Card which was about 100 verses on a small piece of paper that all members were required to memorize. Other booklets included such pubs as The MOP and Daily Might, to pendants and bookmarks.

Educational Material
Educational standards vary from home to home, but with one common theme - home-schooling with constant Family indoctrination. For most of its existence, the group has had excellent educational material for young children, but in the opinions of many experts, it also has an inbred environment that does not sufficiently allow for the development of critical thinking skills necessary for tertiary education.

With emphasis on being mobile, the early COG developed flannel cards and the MoLion readers for their young. Later, the Childcare Handbook was instrumental in shaping educational attitudes. Some material intended for daily reading by children was deemed by judicial authorities to be obscene and inappropriate.

The Family continues to struggle with the needs of its young - for all the answers it claimed to have had, there now seem to be more and more unresolved problems. Many parents are unable to properly provide the quality and consistency required to home school their children adequately.

The Family produces anything from Videos to the "12 Foundation Stones" and "Activated" series, designed for new converts and Fellow members (part-time live-out members).

Posters, Tapes, Videos, Multi-Media, etc
This section is not complete, will cover such items as
The Bible Album ...
MWM ...
Heaven's Magic posters/tapes ...
Kiddie Viddies ... etc

Miscellaneous Publications and Products
This section not complete: The group has produced anything from souvenirs like "The Yoke" - a small piece of brass embedded in a piece of wood and tied to a leather necklace, worn as a pendant... to hand-painted balloons...

Help wanted: If you would like to contribute to this section, please write to us.

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